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Digital Lympha: on show the Pharma Smart Factory of the future at Achema 2018

The Pharma Smart Factory of the future on show at ACHEMA 2018. The IMA concept of a smart factory for the pharmaceutical and process industry focused primarily on digital solutions.

Post published on 07/07/2018

The Pharma Smart Factory of the future on show at ACHEMA 2018

Visitors could enter the IMA Digital Hub, where the major current projects in the I4.0 environment were illustrated and explained by the IMA digital experts. Integrated solutions to surf among data coming from the connected machines offered Data Services and customers could have a taste of what the digital technology can enable nowadays to ease the manufacturing process. Reduced machine downtime, improved OEE by means of predictive and prognostic analysis, machine condition monitoring. All of that is no more a dream but a reality.

Digital applications like validated size change over with the use of Augmented Reality or machine troubleshooting for customers and for our connected field force, as well as fully immersive Virtual Reality for operator’s training and maintenance operations were at the core of the novelties show at the Fair.

Virtual Commissioning showed as a machine manufacturer can improve machine lead time and time to market by simulating the mechanical and software behaviors of the machine far before its availability in the workshop.

All of the above are the first steps towards a new manufacturing model which will help the Pharmaceutical Industry of the future.

Evolving Pharma. By your side.

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