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Post published on 14/10/2019

IMA speaks of Artificial Intelligence

The Innovation and Training activities for the Group’s Top Management on Artificial Intelligence and new technologies are strengthened. A full program of meetings and workshops is scheduled.

IMA strengthens training activities and opens a series of meetings and workshops for the Group leadership about the Artificial Intelligence. The first of these seminars “AI and Machine Learning, between false myths and high expectations” took place on October 8th at the Group’s Service Center in Ozzano Emilia (BO). Leading the meeting Michele Scardi, professor at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, with a twenty-year background in the study of AI applications and one of the leading experts in the use of Machine Learning.

“The seminars on Artificial Intelligence that we started” introduces Massimo Ferioli, IMA Group Organization Director “will increase our training activities continuous on top management, but will mainly serve to concretize the topic and provide all participants the tools necessary for a more correct introduction of the AI ​​in the various company aspects. These theoretical seminars will then be followed by other more operational meetings, with the aim of verifying the real application of Artificial Intelligence through practical experiments”.

The meeting led by prof. Scardi proved to be “the ideal time to reflect on the theme, for the influence that the AI ​​will have more and more in the future and on the implications connected. IMA is a company that firmly believes in training” concludes Ferioli. “We could not fail to consider training activities on an important and disruptive topic such as the AI. And in parallel we have already achieved the first concrete results working with Artificial Intelligence on different projects, first of all the Additive Manufacturing”.

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