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IMA Spares&More supplies refurbished and second-hand machines, assistance, consultancy, and spare parts warehouse for the converting sector.
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Faithful to a long-standing tradition, IMA Spares & More focuses its activities on the paper machinery sector, providing refurbished and second-hand machines along with a complete service of assistance, consultancy, and spare parts supply. For years present on international markets and strong of its Italian technology, we offer machines, equipment and systems for quality enhancement that are considered at the top market level.

IMA Spares & More is at the service of companies wishing to renew, update, modify or replace their existing equipment. According to customers’ requests, we can supply the widest range of paper machines and tissue converting machines available for the field.



Our services

IMA Spares & More offers the following services:

  • Supply of spare parts for tissue converting machines, such as rewinders, log saws, accumulators, wrappers, tail sealers, printers, embossers, edge embossing wheels units
  • Sale of second-hand machines
  • Modifications and revisions of converting machines
  • Construction of new machines

Our company provides the converting field a complete assistance, consultancy, and a well-stocked warehouse of spare parts, ready for delivery.

The experience acquired over the years enables us to support you in the choice of new machines and equipment or in the modifications to be made on your existing machines.

Machines available


Ref: 001_ Second Hand Multi Rolls Wrapper Model CMW425/CMW424 / year 2003
Category: Wrapping Machine

Machine provided with Rockwell PLC Control Logix that manages the main machine logics (e.g. alarms, pneumatic devices, etc.), but not the electric axes which are handled by a PLC Giddings & Lewiss and Bosch Indramat drives.

The safety logic is controlled by PILZ safety units. There are 2 HMI operator panels, recently replaced with new release panel view plus – Rockwell 1250.

PC (Siemens) fixed on the panel door, which communicates with the PLC and the axis control.
The workable formats are not in the PLC memory but are in an industrial PC (Siemens) fixed on the panel door, which communicates with the PLC and the axis control too.


Ref: 002_ Second Hand Log Saw Tr.140 /
Category: Log Saw

Product sizes: from 1800 to 3400 mm
Speed: 180 cuts/minute (strokes/minute)
Pneumatic system: min. pressure 4atm, requirement about 120 Nl/minute
Lubrication system: Local, with grease dispensers
Weight: variable on product sizes, about 3500 kg. (for product size 3400 mm.)
Installed power: about 13 kw

Product Specifications

Diameters: min. 90mm Cutting length: 50 to 280mm +/- 0,7 mm
Type of operation: Blade rotary movement, log advancement by alternate starts and stops
Blade: diameter 610 mm, constant peripheral speed


Ref: 003_ Second Hand Automatic line for Toilet paper and kitchen rolls
Category: Toilet / kitchen paper machines

Based on the customer’s needs and thanks to the wide availability of our warehouse, we are able to offer various technical / commercial solutions:

Perini rewinder model 813 (1800mm width).
Nr. 2 back stands.
Steel to rubber embosser.
Log accumulator.
Perini log saw.
Automatic wrapping machine PCMC for 6, 8, 10, 12 toilet rools.


More second-hand deals


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FBS 200


CMW 425


148 DX



Didn't find what you need?

IMA Spares&More is constantly in touch with many manufacturers around the world. If you are looking for a specific product, contact us: we might find what you need!

Want to sell a machine?

Second-hand machines are our favourite business: from log-saw through converters, wrappers and overwrappers. If you wish to sell one, drop a message.


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