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Post published on 09/12/2019

Selection and Assessment Tests: The means to recognize Talent.

At the base of a good selection process, there is the ability to identify and select the most adequate resource for the valued role, in terms of not only technical and competence aspects, but also relational, motivational and behavioural ones, in order to make functional and harmonic inputs in the Group context.

To reach this goal, special attention must be paid to the candidates through the entire selection process, using a work methodology that combines the CV analysis, to the administration of logic as well as psycho-behavioural and motivational tests.

It is important to observe the candidate from different points of view; the variables to consider and the personality aspects can be multiple.

The use of specific tests nettles the assessment of the recruiter from elements of excessive subjectivity, providing support during the interview phase without replacing the interview but integrating it and defining a more complete picture of the candidate. The tests, in fact, highlight the behavioural attitudes and the prospective potentials, as well as their cognitive and personal skills.

For some particular researches, individual interviews and the use of tests are accompanied by Assessment sessions, which typically last at least half a day, and which include Business Games and in-basket group trials in order to better access certain characteristics such as leadership, assertiveness and the ability to communicate and cooperate.

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