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IMA Group at Pharmtech 2018 • 20-23 November 2018
Moscow, Russia. Hall 8, Booth #B507

Enter the world of Processing and Packaging to discover the future of your business

Pharmtech & Ingredients is the largest exhibition in Russia where exhibitors present a wide range of production and packaging equipment, for creating turnkey pharmaceutical innovative solutions.

Come to our booth and experience our perspective of the Pharmaceutical Industry: the complete machines range and new technical solutions for pharma market sectors, designed to enhance production efficiency, safeguard machinery and increase competitive advantage.

We are ready to surf the trends of the Russian Pharmaceutical market!
Meet up with our experts to find out:
• Features and solutions against package adulteration and track and tracing.
• Our approach for the processing of high potent products under containment
• A comprehensive view of aseptic processing applications for liquids, lyo and powders.

Explore the widest range of machines on IMA Cube

IMA Cube offers a truly innovative way to better understand our technology and our solutions for the Pharmaceutical industry.
Each machine within the line is available in a working mode on our jumbo screen. 
Come and experience the real production atmosphere, with detailed videos of products and components
with a high level of definition impossible to experience by looking at a real working machine!

Latest trends

Amongst the many products virtually showcased, let’s highlight the solutions selected for you.

Containment Solutions

With hundreds of installations for dispensing, blending, granulation, tableting, capsule filling, coating, washing, tablet counting, blistering up to 5 OEB products, both for production and R&D applications, IMA has a wide and constant knowledge of processing highly potent products and can propose tailor made and proven containment solutions.

Isolation Solutions for Aseptic Fill Finish Lines

Internationally recognized as an expert in advanced aseptic processing applications, IMA LIFE has gained a wealth of experience in Cross Contamination Control and can offer a solid understanding of the risks associated with the handling of potent and cytotoxic compounds.

Automated filling systems for liquids or powders combined with advanced Isolator systems minimizes the direct human intervention in the processing area. This technology is increasingly and rapidly being implemented by the pharma industry.

The use of this technology on filling machines offers clear economic advantages and operating benefits, assuring higher product sterility levels in addition to improved operator safety.

Sterifill Ampoules
Safeguarding Product Integrity

IMA Life’s STERIFILL AMPOULES fully automated Ampoule Filling and Sealing machine is suitable to process 4, 6 or 8 ampoules with each machine cycle, generating performance up to 400 ampoules/min. Sterifill Ampoules incorporates both cGMP guidelines and FDA regulations, making it particularly suitable for aseptic environments. The machine’s “combi” configuration is equipped with an integrated capping module allowing the processing of ampoules and vials.

Sensitive AP400 T
Compact carton labeller

The new IMA Life’s SENSITIVE AP400 T, carton labeller and T&T unit, is the smallest new release in the array of AP400 labellers.

The machine displayed applies the tamper-evident sealing on one carton flap, while printing Data Matrix code with a printer on the other flap of the carton, previously glued. A camera vision system for data reading and checking enables the Tracking & Tracing of all the labelled cartons, ensuring transparency in manufacturing and safeguarding product authenticity.

The dressed for success blister packaging machine

C40 blister packaging machine means high production efficiency for small/medium batches with frequent changeovers. Downtimes are reduced to a minimum, thanks to easy cleaning operations and fast and simple changeovers. An important aspect is the machine’s versatility, being able to work both at a low-to-medium speed range as well as approaching medium-to-fast production speeds thanks to the 350 blisters/minute rate achieved by working on two rows. No limits in terms of connection or functionality: customers are free to link their C40 blister machine to any other kind of machine (flowpacking machine, end of line machine, etc.). Best price-performance ratio machine in its range the C40 is characterised by a consolidated technology that ensures a low impact on the maintenance costs.

IMA Digital: make it real.
Smart Machines. Smart Services. Smart Organization.

Come and discover how IMA Digital Services can enhance Operational Excellence to ensure continuous growth of productivity: data visualization & analysis, machine monitoring tools, AR solutions for size change over operations and immersive VR systems for operator’s and maintenance training.

IMA Digital shapes its vision of Smart Machines and the Smart Factory declining the Industry 4.0 principles according to a unique visionary approach and will deliver additional value with empowered machines and services created to supply predictive and personalized customer experiences across the entire value chain.