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Secondary Packaging

Each of the following patents/patent applications protects one or more of IMA Cartoning Machines, or one or more components thereof:
 Patent Application N°  Patent N°
    US 5584160
    EP 989941
    US 6266948
    IT 1303980
    EP 1497182
    JP 4293308
    US 7104029
    CN ZL038009099.6
    EP 1556298
    JP 4463107
    US 7191893
    CN ZL200380102371.0
    IT 1416967
    EP 1175346
    BR PI0010284-9
    CN ZL00808510.2
    MX 236376
    EP 1202908
    BR PI0012555-5
    CN ZL00810559.6
    EP 1373072
    US 6941725
    CN ZL02805447.4