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Increased voting rights

IMA S.p.A.’s Shareholders’ Meeting held on 21 April 2017 approved some amendments to articles 6 and 12 of the Articles of Association, introducing the so-called increased voting right, which was implemented by art. 20 of Law Decree no. 91 of 2014, converted with amendments into Law no. 116 of 2014 and governed by article 127-quinquies of the Italian Consolidated Financial Act and by the detailed set of implementing rules issued by Consob by means of deliberation no. 19084 of 19 December 2014.

The increased voting right derogates from the “one share-one vote” principle, granting long-standing shareholders with up to two votes for each owned share thus encouraging medium to long-term investments and promoting the stability of shareholdings of listed companies.

Shareholders willing to obtain the registration in the special register of all, or part of, the owned shares, shall submit such request in writing to the Company, utilizing the request form to be sent by intermediary through certified post to the following IMA e-mail address:

The register shall be thereinafter updated by the Company.

Increased voting rights will be enjoyed by shares upon uninterrupted registration in the special register for at least 24 months.