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Post published on 04/07/2019

Innovation Days: the Chairman of IMA talked about education and training

Bologna today hosted the “Innovation Days – The excellences of the territory” roadshow organised by the 24 Ore Group to talk about Emilia-Romagna and its various excellences: companies in the field of research, services, mechanical engineering, manufacturing and agri-food that have chosen to focus on innovation and act as protagonists of change in our country.

The first topic, “Changing knowledge”, concerned the role played by university policies in the process of change in knowledge and skills and the relationship with local industries. This matter was discussed by, among others, the Chairman and CEO of IMA Alberto Vacchi, who emphasised that: “We must start from education and training to create the conditions needed to activate new technologies. Training in technical disciplines is essential. It is a struggle for our companies to find suitable candidates to hire.”

Innovation Days then dealt with various other topics: the role played by multinationals in the development of industrial hubs, the importance of tradition combined with innovation for the Made in Italy brand, the opportunities offered by technological innovation in terms of job creation. One conclusion was that innovation can play an important role if combined with an approach that focuses on sustainability.

The debate then discussed the links between services and production in creating excellence.

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