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IMA Academy: the IMA Group’s training ecosystem

For IMA continuous training is a strategic resource. Investment in training does not only mean initial training for new hires, but is phased over time, to encourage career development and foster self-motivation.

The IMA Group Academy is the training ecosystem where we try to give a structured response to the need to adapt generic abilities into the skills that IMA needs, combining technical knowledge with interpersonal skills.

IMA is always on the look-out for talented people with specific aptitudes, who are determined to achieve their full potential in order to build a successful career. All our employees benefit from a unique personalised development plan, aimed at a specific position or career, following our tried and tested methods for human resource assessment, skills mapping, specific training picked from our learning catalogueand refresher courses.

The IMA Group is an Italian Industry 4.0 company, world leader in the automatic packaging machine sector with more than 5,500 employees worldwide.


IMA offers technical assistance, design, production and sales worldwide of high performance and highly personalised packaging machines.

IMA is searching for ambitious and talented people, to grow together and together to define a exemplary model of Human Resource Management.

Roles and Job Descriptions

The Job Descriptions, the descriptions of each type of task, clearly present and explain all the corporate roles, including the workflow and the corporate ladder.

Skill Mapping

Skills mapping is a useful tool for the assessment of training needs for each position and for monitoring the actual effectiveness of the training. Every two years all the managers fill in a survey for each member of staff that they supervise, together with the Human Resource Department. Soft skills are monitored at the same time so as to improve those such as communication, team building, problem-solving, etc.

Training Catalogue

The training catalogue is used by managers to plan the training for their staff, jointly with the Human Resources Department, taking into account their specific roles and training needs. It is split into ten main topics: Safety&Security, Quality&Compliance, Information and Communication Technology, Languages, Production, Engineering, Technical, Sales, Soft Skills, Cross.

Training Maintenance

This involves long-term planning of the training needed to maintain staff skills in line with their role and entails continuous adaptation of individual skills to the evolution of the business. This planning respects the right of individuals to follow a personalised training programme.

I Master

I’MA Potential is the first Master, targeting new recruits, whose main objective is to develop and improve their abilities to ensure that they are properly prepared for their role: here one learns to transform the capacities already acquired into practical and professional skills.

I’MA Talent is the second Master and targets our more ambitious senior employees: it focuses on the development of top managerial skills. Both IMA Masters have been created to raise our employees’ professional  capacities to a higher level.

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