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Basic Training

The program is composed of practical activities on a specific machine, with responsibility for ensuring that it runs in compliance with specified parameters.

During the basic training participants learn how to obtain the maximum performance from their IMA machine all necessary measures are taken to ensure familiarity of use of on-board devices.

“Practical activities on a specific machine”         

The program includes practical use of the machine and its components by recreating actual operating conditions as well as the resolution of the most common issues, with a resulting increase in Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

Routine maintenance operations, format changes cleaning and washing the equipment and operating the equipment in manual mode complete the practical knowledge of the machine operators.

Intermediate Training

The program is composed of theoretical classroom sessions and practical activities on a specific machine.

“Hands-on training on the machine”

 In addition to a hands-on training on the machine and recreating actual operational situations – such as routine maintenance, format changes, cleaning and washing the equipment and operating in manual mode – a classroom training session is also offered.

During this training the participants improve their knowledge of the procedures detailed in the original IMA documentation and learn to do them correctly on the machine.

The teaching material used in the classroom is specially tailored for the purpose of the course.

Advanced Training

A tailored training for all user levels, from start-up operator to technician and administrator is also available. This is performed with the aid of software for a more effective transfer of know-how.

Providing a specific training in the use and maintenance of the machine for operators, electrical and mechanical maintenance engineers and supervisory personnel, with a final evaluation test and certificate to prove that training has been completed.

“Tailored training for all user levels”      

It can be carried out at the customer’s site to acquaint newly hired personnel with the machine configuration and operating procedures and without stopping production activities.

The multimedia software package is provided to the customer for his future training sessions ensuring the same high level of know-how transfer without recourse to the IMA training staff.

Interactive Training

The IMA Interactive Training System is a practical and effective operating tool which can be used autonomously or with the assistance of an IMA engineer, to provide specific training in the use and maintenance of your machine for:

  • Operators, electrical and mechanical maintenance engineers and supervisory personnel with a final evaluation test and printout of a certificate to prove training has been completed;
  • Training individual users or user groups, with the help of pictures and film to limit intervention when systems are installed;
  • Updating staff skills by allowing them to repeat training independently;
  • Using the system on a local PC;
  • Interactive support for all technical documentation provided with the machine, with links sorted by topic and useable during training (Instruction Manuals; Electrical Diagrams; etc.);
  • Printing all technical documentation and training text.



“ Our extensive background in documentation, qualification and validation allows us to fulfill most of the regulation conditions, as required by government or internal company quality plans.”

The system is customized for each specific machine serial number and, with the exception of shared design parts, cannot be used as general training for other machines of the same model.

All information, pictures and film contained relate only to the IMA machine in question.

The Training System is available with different topics for each of the three user profiles we have identified: Operator, Mechanical Maintenance Engineer/Electrical Maintenance Engineer and a Supervisor, who is ideally the person who can cover all of the above profile skills.

The training is therefore tailored according to the specific area of interest.



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