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Smart Services • Enhanced serviceability

The creation of Smart Products opens up new avenues for innovative digital applications and services, able to make the experience of using machines and systems ever more complete and detailed.

In the era of the Internet of Things, Smart Products are starting to govern many of the aspects related to Manufacturing, making us able to monitor potentially the status of any product.

And it is precisely through ‘Smart’ products that new opportunities are opened up for companies. By making your installed base interconnected and intelligent it becomes possible to perform activities such as:

  • Self-diagnosis
  • Remote maintenance
  • Preventive identification of problems

operations thanks to which a cooperation between field operator and remote product specialist is possible, to recognize the causes of a problem and the remedies to be implemented.

Thanks to the data and the knowledge of the context dynamics, it is also possible to devise advanced services with high added value.

Expanding its range of Smart Services, IMA offers ancillary services to make the production experience ever more complete and easy.

The offer proposed by IMA sees the creation of Smart Services such as:

  • Smart Service Suite (Smart App with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality integration)
  • Digital Room
  • Service Portal
  • Technical Service 24/7

Discover the level of efficiency that your production can achieve.

IMA Remote FAT

Reduce costs and simplify Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) procedures.

In the past, FAT was an activity that used to take place in the factory. But today, with the help of the advanced communication technologies, Factory Acceptance Tests procedures can also be performed remotely.

Through dedicated platforms, IMA is able to offer the opportunity to carry out the plant checking procedures without the client’s technicians presence on site. Through a streaming mode, the customer actively interacts remotely by participating in online sessions equipped with all the most advanced tools. A live connection is activated between the IMA production plants and the customer’s technical staff connected remotely, thus ensuring continuity of operations.

IMA Remote FAT allows to speed up the procedures, by actively involving customers and allow savings in terms of time and investments. The Remote FAT becomes a smart and sustainable alternative that simplifies activities and reduces associated costs.

Smart Service Suite

In a world linked to the increasingly reduced time-to-market production, it is necessary to provide innovative proposals for intervention and assistance for the resolution of problems in the shortest possible time and with minimum efforts and costs.

IMA has expanded its range of Services, proposing to the end user Smart Services Suite, a series of ancillary services to make the production experience ever more complete and easy with a view to continuous improvement of use.

Through the Smart Service Suite, IMA intends to offer its partners all-round support and assistance in all the different phases of use and management of the plants.

Smart Service Suite offer includes two different levels:

  • the basic offer incorporates the use of the Smart Service Suite App to browse the Digital Documentation provided at the delivery of the plant.
  • the advanced offer provides a more complete range of services. The Advanced Document Search for the navigation of the interactive list of spare parts with the possibility of making the purchase order (directly from the App) and tools for troubleshooting and maintenance.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) complete the Smart Service Suite offer, increasing operator training and supporting technicians in daily maintenance and format change activities.

Does your plant have the right tools to get the best results? Explore our technological solutions.

Smart Service Suite

One solution to facilitate your technicians, operators and engineers, guaranteeing direct and immediate access to the relevant information.

Smart App is the right solution for:

  • Digital Documentation
  • Spare Parts e-commerce
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Training Activities through Virtual and Augmented Reality

Find out all the technological solutions for your Smart Factory. Discover the opportunities.

When Virtual becomes Real

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are increasingly proving to be innovative technological solutions to favorably increase user experience.

In manufacturing, getting closer to the machine by having the possibility of digitally interacting with documentation, simulating different configurations and layouts, getting a preview of repairs or format change, can increase the skills of engineers and operators.

IMA has developed both technologies to offer its partners complete expertise in plant management.

The immersiveness of VR and AR have different methods and purposes but together they provide a unique experience in many ways.

Virtual Reality

Wearing special helmets allow you to completely immerse yourself in the parallel world of Virtual Reality, a three-dimensional computer environment where you can interact with digital and physical elements.

In Virtual Reality (VR) it is possible to move like in the real environment, walk, interact with objects and receive feedback.

The Virtual Reality proves to be an excellent tool for the possibility it offers users to the users in navigating and exploring the different areas of the machine, in full functionality and with operational product flows and processes.

Thanks to the creation of a digital twin, in the virtual environment it is possible to become familiar with the systems even where they are not physically available.

VR is a versatile and practical tool thanks to the opportunity it offers to quickly import 3D models and CAD drawings directly from dedicated software.

The technology linked to Virtual Reality finds space in many other areas.

Virtual Reality guarantees:

  • greater speed, security and confidence in the completion of real operations
  • Time-saving in the training of operators and engineers
  • better quality and less re-processing of the final product


VR allows excellent training on operators even when the system is not available. This process increases the familiarity of operators with systems in a risk-free environment.

Experts driven in the virtual environment, once in the real world and thanks to the familiarity developed, are able to perform inspections, maneuvers in safety or ordinary maintenance.

VR is effective in contexts where there is a particularly high turnover.

Maintenance and inspection

Manual inspections could leave out important steps, but thanks to VR it is possible to take into account every detail in maintenance and predict failures in advance.


Through VR it is possible to design and test the best configuration of production lines, map the internal mobility of flows, study the feasibility and ergonomics of equipment without the need to build a physical model.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the most innovative digital applications thanks to which it is possible to superimpose the reality perceived by the senses with virtual digital information.

Augmented Reality (AR) is the digital service through which it is possible to overlay real production plants and lines with information and digital elements that help and support the operator in managing the systems. Thanks to special viewers, it is possible to access a wide range of information in real time, such as specific technical documentation, drawings and performance data.

The AR also allows you to:

  • Connect virtually with the mechanical and electrical design departments
  • Obtain remote coaching and virtual training on implants

The interactive two-dimensional quick choice menu allows the real-time consultation of documents, sorted and classified according to categories. The files, once selected, can be moved with the hands, positioned in the surrounding spaces and interactively managed.

In the case of format changeover, troubleshooting or routine maintenance, the operator is guided step by step in the execution of all the pre-established phases, without the possibility of diverting the path or skipping steps. Thanks to the dedicated APP it is possible to share videos and photos in real time with the IMA service support.

Find out how a customized Augmented Reality could help your operators in their daily activities.

Digital Room

Through the sharing of digital spaces analyze production data and increase plant performance becomes possible.

The Industry 4.0 model cannot ignore data and the value it can generate. Networking big data, organizing it and interpreting it with the aim of improving process control is the real turning point for predictive maintenance of plants and analysis of product quality.

Data sharing with machine manufacturers can significantly improve plant performance, thanks to the possible implementations that manufacturers are able to make.

IMA has created several projects related to the interconnectivity of the plants to obtain data aimed at predictive analysis and achieve consistently high performance.

We hope to offer our partners the possibility of hosting production data in special Digital Rooms, digital spaces within production facilities or on Cloud platforms, where it becomes possible to proceed with shared analyzes to make improvements to the plants.

Several pilot projects are involving different divisions, paving the way for new and interesting discoveries.

Service Portal

Support your service and maintenance operators. IMA Service Portal is the web section to track your installed base and the right place to report malfunctions and request offers.

Thanks to an intuitive web interface, users explore their facilities, with the possibility of formulating requests for technical assistance.

Through the Service Portal it is possible to:

  • report malfunctions on the installed park
  • formulate requests
  • request formed offers
  • access the technical documentation relating to the plant
  • access e-commerce for spare parts

Technical Service 24/7

A multi-channel technical support service available 24/7.

IMA technical assistance service is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to solve technical problems arising from the installed machinery.

The service consists of a combination of:

  • a telephone number active 24/7
  • an APP to request assistance and share all the necessary information with the operator

By framing the QRcode on the machine (via Smartphone or Tablet configured IMA) it is possible to receive support and assistance even more quickly.

Connected Field Force.

Digitization changes the way we serve our customers. Digital tools support our technicians on duty in their daily work, starting from problem management to get to the different tasks to be performed.

We have created the Connected Field Force APP to make our services and customer support more and more efficient in the management of machines and equipment.

Thanks to the Connected Field Force App it is possible for field technicians to integrate traditional manual skills with the use of the latest generation digital applications.

Technicians use the APP to track maintenance interventions, interact with the machine, access equipment documentation (also in 3D) or spare parts, obtain instructions for repairing mechanical parts or proceed with a format change. The application also allows the closure of the request for technical assistance before leaving the customer’s site.

The Connected Field Force App guarantees:

  • Increased productivity, efficiency and competence of operators
  • Reduced downtime
  • A mobile support for access to digital documentation
  • Remote coaching and live support
  • Uploading videos and photos 

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January, 20-21, 2021
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