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Smart Organization • Empower people through technology

IMA is a reality with an innovative and global vision, in which people have the power to drive the change. The Group bases its growth on the entrepreneurial spirit of individuals, the real strength to face the ambitious challenges of the business.

In IMA Smart Factory the individual is increasingly at the center and involved in a dynamic context and devoted to the concepts of Industry 4.0.

And by reflecting on the new IMA Smart Factory, we also thought about the growth and reskill of the most valuable resources for the Group: people.

Within IMA Digital, projects have been launched with the aim of strengthening skills and enhancing know-how. We integrate, train and develop the potential to make learning processes more efficient and facilitate growth.

Digital Quality

An effective quality policy sets the right way to maintain high corporate standards in interaction with customers and suppliers.

IMA has adopted a new quality policy developed within IMA Digital. The path of the new quality is summarized in IMA Digital precisely because of the breadth and eclecticity of the project: within the initiative, in fact, many resources (products, services and organization) make use of innumerable digital tools and technologies to improve the business.

Thus, within IMA Digital, quality also evolves, transforming itself from a regulatory compliance system into an important management tool for the improvement of products, services and processes. This is how the traditional quality methodologies and techniques come together with new digital technologies, through the active involvement of the world of work.

Travel Security

We protect our employees on the road to create value and generate new business.

The Group employees work and travel in over 80 countries around the world. A latest generation travel security system has been implemented to guarantee and support IMA employees in travel.

Through a digital travel security platform IMA has:

  • access to the Data Control Room 24/7
  • support in the use of management software via mobile APP
  • access to tracking even in areas without data traffic.

Thanks to the implementation of the Travel Security platform, the Group is able to guarantee greater security and more direct contact with its traveling personnel.

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January, 20-21, 2021
Join us to discover ATOP’s latest developments for the hairpin stator technology production lines through a series of virtual events. 10+ experts in the field will drive you through the universe of equipment technology to manufacture wound stators of electric motors for automotive applications.