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Projects and Partnerships

Through partnerships and collaborations with private entities and universities, IMA supports the development of projects, ideas and innovative solutions.

IMA is present in 80 countries worldwide with over 45 production facilities.

The Group is active internationally in collaboration with companies, institutions, research centers, universities and companies in the manufacturing sector.

The Group boasts numerous prestigious Projects, Partnerships and Collaborations with the aim of contributing to technological progress and constantly increasing the quality of its final product.

The skills that IMA puts into place in project development include the evaluation of materials, products and processes, and their optimization and development. In this way the Group is able to create value and support its partners in the search for eco-effective innovations.

IMA and 

IMA joins ILP – Industrial Liaison Program, the membership created for companies by MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge (Massachusetts), the most important university in the world for applied research.

The membership aims to create innovation, strengthen a common technological vision and broader of the reference business.

The main advantages for IMA:

  • access to the Institute resources (activities, services and networks)
  • contacts with the “start-up community” (ecosystem of over 1600 newborn companies) with the possibility of sponsorship and acceleration
  • presence at the discussion tables with researchers and Key Opinion leaders

Within the agreement signed the possibility of involving MIT members (professors or researchers) to carry out research on IMA projects (through agreed periods of stay and ongoing collaborations within the Group’s plants).

IMA and 

IMA is a partner of BI-REX (Big Data Innovation & Research Excellence), a technology factory and consortium that brings together 57 players from universities, research centers and companies in the country whose goal is the creation of a cutting-edge laboratory (hosted at the Golinelli Foundation in Bologna).

Bi-Rex is born, within a space of 2400 square meters, to help small and medium-sized enterprises in the creation and launch of over thirty high-tech projects.

The protagonists are different types of innovations: from big data to robotics, from system automation to product traceability, through biomedical, circular economy and predictive diagnostics.

IMA and 

IMA is a partner of I-MECH, an European consortium consisting of over 30 industrial or university organizations created to bridge the gap between research results and the best industrial practice. The consortium aims to strengthen European competitiveness (through the design and implementation of intelligent mechatronic systems), improve performance, reduce the timing in the development of control systems for mechatronic applications.

Project aims to develop:

  • techniques for employment of advanced model-based methods for the design, real-time control and self-diagnosis of cyber-physical systems.
  • a smart instrumentation layer gathering sensor and/or visual information using wired and wireless smart sensors to enhance the achievable performance of the system.
  • modular unified, hardware and software motion control building blocks implementing a service-oriented architecture paradigm to create an open motion control platform.

IMA and

IMA is a partner of Inkbit, a 2017 spinout from the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) – Cambridge, USA.  

The company uses machine vision and AI to make production-ready additive manufacturing systems.

Company goal is to find an additive manufacturing platform able to offer a right combination between reliability, throughput, precision and quality material required by a factory floor.

IMA and 

IMA is a partner of the MIT Deshpande Center for Technological Innovation, a Cambridge research center dedicated to technological innovation.

The MIT Deshpande Center goal is to support young and talented researchers in the development of innovative technologies and in their subsequent introduction into the market.

The innovations developed find application in the most diverse sectors, such as health, information technology and energy.

The Center awards research grants and supports the work of members in identifying technological potential to benefit society, transforms markets and industries and improves people’s quality of life.

IMA and

IMA is a partner of MxD, Digital Manufacturing Institute and Competence Center based in Chicago.

MxD has been gathering university partners, industrialists, startups and American governmental structures since 2014 to facilitate companies in the challenges related to technological advancement. The Institute aims to guide the digital future of the productive sector, introducing new technologies and making the industries in the sector more agile and competitive.

Thanks to the partnership established with MxD, IMA benefits from numerous resources of the Institute:

  • workshops (sessions aimed at finding technological solutions)
  • projects (to obtain concrete applications and technical results)
  • structures (to encourage collaborations in demo environments)

IMA and 

IMA is a partner of the Rossini Project, a program launched in October 2018 and funded thanks to the Horizon2020 research and innovation funds.

The initiative aims to design and develop scalable, cutting-edge and secure modular platforms for the implementation of human-robot collaborations (HRC) within the production flows.

Through the combination of innovative technologies for detection, implementation and control, the Rossini Project aims to create tools to encourage the spread of HRC man-operator applications, to increase product quality, flexibility and productivity.

IMA and

IMA is a partner of VTT, the Finnish center specialized in innovation, research and development. VTT is part of the Finnish innovation system and operates under the mandate of the Ministry of Labor and Economy.

VTT operates worldwide concentrating its activities on social challenges and growth opportunities such as: actions for the climate, guarantee of resources, safety and protection, industrial renewal.

Thanks to the partnership with the VTT research center, IMA has full access to:

  • interdisciplinary technological and commercial skills
  • unique research infrastructures
  • partnership networks

IMA is  internationally active in the collaboration with companies, institutions, research centers and universities in the manufacturing sector.

The Group boasts numerous prestigious Projects, Partnerships and Collaborations with the aim of contributing to technological progress and constantly increasing the quality of its final product.

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