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Increase your competence through digital learning tools, and ensure your maintenance staff can diagnose and repair faulty production equipment quickly and safely.

The Industry 4.0 revolution is involving every part of the production plant, from equipment to processes to personnel. The possibilities that arise with the connection of machinery to entities outside the plant can often generate problems and interruptions. Training operators to ensure they have the right technical and critical thinking skills to diagnose and repair advanced machines is increasingly difficult.

Even experienced maintenance personnel familiar with plant equipment do not always use a systematic method to diagnose problems and often end up using trial and error to fix them.

This can be costly if parts are unnecessarily replaced or if the process takes an inordinate amount of time. If new equipment or technologies are added to the production line or if there is a high turnover, there is often the need for continuous, flexible training that takes into account the plant itself as well as the workers.

How to ensure that maintenance staff can diagnose and repair faulty production equipment quickly, safely and efficiently before it damages reliability?A proper training scheduling including the most innovative Smart Technologies can pay off in terms of your facility and related profits.

Train the operators on Virtual Models with the highest degree of fidelity.

when the machine is not yet present and take the training plan home.

No need to stop the production to train the operators on the machine.


IMA Group has created a wide range of training proposals with the aim of supporting each of the learning phases of operators and engineers and concretely respond to the specific needs of production contexts. A first digital training in the classroom provides operators with basic knowledge. A more advanced and subsequent training directly on the production lines enriches what was previously learned. The e-learning modality strengthens and completes the first two phases, allowing the operator to continue the training autonomously.

Tests and certificates of completion allow you to trace the history of courses taken and materials treated.


For a classic classroom training that uses and enhances the latest digital technologies.

  • Monitor Touchscreen with 3D animations
  • Virtual Reality Devices and Platform

for the most immersive and interactive systems navigation.

The system is designed for training environments where its provided:

  • Station for the trainer
  • Monitor Touch for 3D Interactive Experience
  • Multi-user 3D Virtual Reality
  • Individual workstations for students (optional)


Students can access the lessons through their own e-learning application. This way allows the students to carry on autonomously the learning session anywhere and everywhere they are.

The system implements, for the best learning phase:

  • Digital classic contents
  • Interactive contents
  • 3D Contents


Training on the job can be an effective standalone activity or used as complementary and conclusive part of the classroom training. The operator will be empowered to access the multimedia content at any time during the training as well as to its guided version via 3D fly (available also offline) interacting directly with the machines.

The system implements, for the best learning phase:

  • Digital classic contents
  • Interactive contents
  • 3D Contents



Harness the full power of technology

Digital Classroom Training and On the Job Training are now available for remote participation.
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