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IMA Skillgate is the platform IMA offers its partners and customers for all-around training. The portal,  which generates the content for all types of training offered by IMA, is divided into sections designed to facilitate learning and stimulate interaction.

  • MyCourses, to display the list of active courses;
  • Bookmarks, to keep track of learning progress;
  • Agenda, to store all commitments along the training path;
  • Achievements, to view learning progress and download course completion certificates;
  • Notes, to take notes during training sessions.

Main Features

Courses & Modules
Interactive section to access specific  contents divided by machine area:

  • General overview of the machine
  • Health & Safety
  • Machine conduction
  • Size changeover instructions
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Troubleshooting
  • HMI
  • Test & Certificate


In order to improve and certify the  learning that has taken place, the platform provides the possibility of undergoing

  • quizzes at the end of each module
  • a final test at the end of each course

This section also collects the tests performed in the Virtual Reality World.

Type of content format

Within the courses it is possible to take  advantage of different types of content:

  • linear images and videos
  • 3D animations
  • interactive videos

Learning Certificates

IMA Skillgate tracks learning paths in a timely and effective manner. The platform dedicated to Digital Training collects all the tests carried out both within the world dedicated to IMA Virtual Reality and the tests carried out directly on the platform itself. To monitor your career path at 360°.

User Profiling

Courses are differentiated according to profile in order to segment the visibility of the different areas, with the relative possibility of action.

General Labourer Qualified Operator Mechanical
Maintenance Technician
Maintenance Technician

IMA Digital Training solutions

IMA Group strongly believes that a 360 degrees training is the best ally for a correct and timely management of the plants that the group builds and supplies. For this reason, IMA Skillgate is part of a wider and structured training offer, within the IMA Digital Training world. Learn about other ways to train your operators with the support of the latest technology.


Traditional spaces intended for group training, in which students are guided by expert trainers and supported by latest-generation digital devices.​

Technologies: Touch screens, tablets, PCs, Virtual Reality. No need to use equipment during training.


Mode in which students train independently when and where they want.​

Technologies: Touch screens, tablets, PCs, Virtual Reality. 
No need to use equipment during training.


Mode in which operators carry out training directly on the machine with the support of advanced digital devices. Technologies: tablet (for Smart Service Suite APP) and  Augmented Reality (Hololens 2).​

Technologies: tablet (for Smart Service Suite APP) and  Augmented Reality (Hololens 2).