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IMA Digital Editorials​

Read the publications signed by IMA Digital, to discover the world of digital connections and technological innovation that is increasingly involving the universe of automatic machines.​

IMA Digital is a project that addresses different development areas and an ever-increasing number of technologies used along the entire value chain.​

Find out more about the Project with a series of unpublished editorials, articles that from time to time analyze – through a clean cut – the role that Smart Technologies play today and that will increasingly play in the future in production.​


​The pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives, from work, school, everyday activities like getting groceries, right down to our wardrobes and even our lexicon. But every cloud has a silver lining. Within its IMA Digital project, the Group has launched numerous digital development sites aimed at the interconnectivity of the systems and in order to obtain more and more accurate and precise data through the use of cutting-edge platformswhich could lead to a continuous efficiency of the production flows…


At the base of the Group’s development plans there is an increasingly sustainable digital innovation strategy. From a green transition perspective, IMA’s Digital services offer a clear advantage in terms of time and cost efficiency, with a lower impact on the environment compared to more traditional services. Sustainability is an ever-growing need and it is quite clear that society alone cannot providean appropriate response without engaging with businesses.


In manufacturing, the use of AI must be seen within the broader evolution towards digitalization, that is, increasing attention to DATA made possible by the integration of information technology (IT) into Operation Technology (OT).​

Dive our vision of the Artificial Intelligence Evolution applied to complex systems with the Editorial by Dario Rea, Research and Innovation Director by IMA Group.