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When introducing IMA Germany we cannot but talk about Mr. Henk van der Ree, nicknamed as Mister Blister; he was the one who sold the very first IMA blister packaging line in the Germany Pharma industry, indeed.

In 1978 Henk set up in Viersen an agency called REPA, and he was so successful that less than 10 years later, IMA decided to buy his agency to establish its German Branch over there: Soteco Verpackungsysteme.

Henk was not only the head of the Branch but he was most of all a visionary who understood the importance of creating partnerships with Customers through specialized and dynamic salesmen supported by an equally efficient back office.

A couple of names changed over time, but relocations and decades have not changed our ambitious and pioneering attitude. Today, IMA Germany is based in Cologne, in the most “Italian City” in Germany.

Both the business and the sales & service structure keep on increasing year after year.

Our offer includes the whole range of IMA Group products for these markets:

  • Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Biotech
  • Personal Care
  • Confectionary
  • Tea & Herbs and Coffee

Our well-structured on siteCustomer Service gives not only prompt support and technical assistance but also assist customers in performing the validation and qualification activities and is able to provide: .

  • Skilled engineers
  • First level support
  • Production efficiency increasing programs
  • Production guidance, coaching & training sessions.

The team consists of 14 people, of which 9 are skilled technical engineers dedicated to their particular area of expertise.

Meet our Customer Service Team at IMA Germany:

  • Horny: Customer Service Manager
  • Schmidt: Customer coordinator
  • R. Balducci: Customer coordinator
  • H. Fuss: Spare parts
  • W. Bialek: Spare parts
  • Wildermuth: Technical staff (IMA Active)
  • Germade: Technical staff (IMA Life)
  • Brandt: Technical staff (IMA Safe, Blister machines)
  • Leicht: Technical staff (IMA Safe Blister machines)
  • Michalak: Technical staff (IMA Safe, Blister machines)
  • Noefer: Technical staff (IMA Safe, Blister machines)
  • Riesch: Technical staff (IMA Safe, Blister machines)
  • Leding: Technical staff (IMA Safe, Cartoners and BFB machines)
  • Odenhoven: Technical staff (IMA Safe, Cartoners and BFB machines)