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Post published on 17/03/2020

From the Chairman’s Desk - Updates

With reference to my earlier statement dated March 3rd last, I feel it my duty to give you an update about the current IMA’s activities and operations in response to the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Firstly, I want to assure you that the safety of all our customers and employees takes absolute priority in all our choices and activities, which are in full compliance with the norms and regulations adopted by the Italian Government. 

Given the particular moment Italy is currently facing, the IMA supply chain is now, more than ever, subject to a more in-depth monitoring.

Our Corporate Procurement, Supply Chain and Productive Poles Management Departments are working together and have daily contacts with the suppliers, in a way that all the companies and business units of the Group are constantly updated about possible supply difficulties and potential critical issues.

To date, although the working activities are somewhat slower, all departments at IMA are and remain active, including the internal workshop and central warehouse. In this way, we are able to ensure both receipt and delivery of all the goods.

We are committed to finalizing all ongoing projects and starting the new ones, too, so as not to cause any delay in your production and strategic planning, as well as in our capacity to respond to any request.

Albeit at a slower pace, IMA ensures regular transport from/to suppliers and customers; the spare parts, in particular, are handled with the utmost care and timeliness and we are able to fulfil all requests from various countries, applying the most advanced methodologies for disinfection on goods before shipping. 

Until today, IMA has kept its production processes efficient thanks to the strong commitment of our employees, with whom we have agreed a series of measures to regulate – in line with the Group dedicated crisis department – internal activities and travels that, if strictly necessary, will be managed with the support of “OMEGA Travel Security” Company. 

In particular, to deal with the Coronavirus emergency that is likely to create and to increase distance between the parties, IMA has accelerated all the processes of the IMA DIGITAL strategic project to stay connected remotely.

Our answer to this crisis is in fact to innovate and respond to such difficulties by putting in place all our skills to find smarter solutions in real time.

Therefore, to limit movements and contacts between people, we kindly invite you to use all the communication and remote working systems that the technology offers today.

I reconfirm our full operation and, even though in a difficult condition, we are in a position to deliver on the commitments we have made, without altering your planning.

I am sure that we will be able to overcome this difficult situation with our usual strong determination to keep our relationship closer and fruitful for all parties.

Should the above conditions change, I will inform you accordingly within the shortest time possible.

Best Regards,

The Chairman
Alberto Vacchi

Alberto Vacchi - IMA Group Chairman and CEO

From the Chairman’s Desk - Updates

17/03/2020. Updates in response to the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.