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Post published on 23/03/2020

From the Chairman’s Desk - Updates

As promised in my previous letters, I am writing again to give you an update in real time about the operations conducted by the IMA Group.

In order to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic, the Italian Government has just implemented a series of new rules that include the closure of economic activities, which are not considered vital in this critical moment.

The reduction of business activities is thus intended to reduce the concentration of human presence in the same working spaces. On the other hand, all the activities considered necessary remain active, such as the ones regarding the Food and Pharmaceutical supply chain, in order to guarantee citizens these essential goods.

In these sectors, vital for the human society at all latitude of the globe, IMA plays a strategic role with its automatic machinery, being it stand alone or complete packaging lines. Therefore, IMA’s activities will continue to guarantee products, spare parts and technical assistance, thanks to the wide use of distance communication technology and remote working. 

Our intent is to ensure that all the industrial activities served by IMA worldwide can continue with their production processes with our solid support and service assistance.

For any problem, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, with any tool you may ever need. Of course, in this emergency phase, IMA has reduced its staff in the production units and has enhanced the customer care presence in order to meet all the requests of technical assistance.

Despite the current difficulties, I believe that our mutual and consolidated collaboration and solidarity that united us by working together over the years, is going to be a precious asset to operate to the best going through this epochal challenge, both for our health and economies.

It is understood that the priority of IMA is the health safety of our customers, our employees and everybody somehow involved with us.

I will promptly inform you about any further developments.

Thanks for your kind attention.

The Chairman
Alberto Vacchi

Alberto Vacchi - Chairman and CEO

From the Chairman’s Desk - Updates

23/03/2020. Updates in response to the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.