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Post published on 16/03/2019

"La Fabbrica del futuro" (Factory of the Future) inaugurated at the Industrial Heritage Museum of Bologna (Italy)

The “Factory of the future” (“La Fabbrica del Futuro”) was inaugurated today in the presence of Alberto Vacchi, Chairman and CEO of the IMA Group and Chairman of Confindustria Emilia Area Centro, at the Industrial Heritage Museum of Bologna, Italy.

The event was promoted by the “Amici del Museo del Patrimonio Industriale” (Friends of the Industrial Heritage Museum), an association that is supported by IMA together with other important firms in the area, including Lamborghini, Ducati and Bonfiglioli, with the aim of enhancing industrial culture at a time of profound transformation.

“La Fabbrica del futuro” is a laboratory space that opens tomorrow, divided into five technological islands: Simulation, Virtual Reality, Additive Manufacturing, Industrial Automation and Big Data, which summarize the main enabling technologies of Industry 4.0. In particular, it is aimed at younger generations so that they can experiment, learn and grow in a conscious way with respect to a future that needs to be built together.

“La Fabbrica del futuro” is also the identity of a territory in constant motion, rich in a strong technical and industrial culture, which thanks to digitization is evolving towards new paradigms that emphasise the central role of Humanity and its irreplaceable creativity as the true engine of a digital technology that enables and stimulates human intellect to face new challenges.