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The IMA Group on show at PackExpo Chicago 2022

PACK EXPO Chicago 2022 is around the corner: meet us on our Booth #2514!

The IMA Group is pleased to announce its presence at PACK EXPO Chicago 2022 to present its latest processing and packaging range of solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Food markets.

Get your chance to deep dive into our Corporate Projects: IMA ZERO, the foundation of our sustainable development program with a focus on OPENLab, the Group’s network of technological laboratories and testing areas, and IMA Digital, the global project aimed at enhancing production and operational activities through a wide range of digital tools and virtual applications.


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McCormick Place
2301 S. King Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60616 USA


  • Pharma,Food & Dairy,Confectionery,Tea & Beverage,Coffee
  • Chicago, Illinois - USA
  • South Building, Booth 2514
  • 23/10/2022 to 26/10/2022




The All-In-One.

One supplier takes care of the complete line, the entire process. Achieving real innovation requires the complete interaction of every single element. It means creating an environment where people, equipment and technology come together in perfect synergy.

IMA Active together with Thomas Processing (Solid Dose Solutions), IMA Life (Aseptic Processing & Freeze Drying Solutions) IMA Safe (Packaging Solutions) and IMA BFB (End of Line Solutions) combine unique skills and knowledge where people, equipment and technology come together in perfect synergy.

At PACK EXPO Chicago 2022, get the chance to deep dive into or range of solutions on show for the pharmaceutical processing and packaging industry. 


Take a closer look at the machines that will be on show at Pack Expo Chicago 2022

Vertical intermittent motion stick machine. High technology applied in a very compact machine. STICK Series has been developed to ensure the highest productivity standards as no one in the market. These machines guarantee also high flexibility in terms of output and dosing sytems to meet any requirement
Maximum benefits with minimum space
SIDE LOADING CASE PACKING MACHINE. Medium speed case packer designed to handle the widest range of products and materials used in pharmaceutical, personal care and food industries.
Fit for the future
PALLETIZER. Speed, reduced dimensions of the palletizing area and flexible palletizing options, in line with real market needs: these aspects characterize the RP2/RP4 palletizers, equipped with a 6-axis robot capable of absorbing and working at high speeds.
Smart technology for different products and tasks.
Automatic tubefiller. Born to repeat the success of the extraordinary C960/C970 Series, the new C1060/C1075 Family comes to the market with experience enough to maintain its supremacy in medium speed tubefilling segment.
Compact, smart, effective. Great performance in small footprint.
Blister packaging machine. The best price-performance ratio machine in its range, the C40 Series is the answer for those customers who demand high production efficiency for small/medium batches with frequent changeovers.
Dressed for success


Make The Most in the Food market

IMA serves the international Food market with the best platforms and machines available for form-fill & seal and processing and packaging solutions.

Our range of lines are developed to satisfy all the industry needs for stock cubes, processed cheese, butter & margarine, yoghurt, beverages & baby food, confectionery, coffee, tea & herbs, dressing & sauces, and much more.

Make sure to stop by our Booth 2514.


Stop by our stand and discover more about the machines developed for the Food & Dairy market sector that will be displayed at Pack Expo Chicago.

WA 16-25
WA 16-25
High-accuracy Multi-head weigher conceived for high speed, high accuracy applications, suitable for dry, fresh and frozen food.
F600 – Vertical Form, Fill & Seal
F600 – Vertical Form, Fill & Seal
Hassia’s vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) F600 for sachets produces four-sided sealed sachets at a pace of up to 80 cycles per minute (up to 78,600 sachets/h), and on as many as 16 lanes. Among other differentiators, the F600 offers single-roll functionality, an improvement over two-roll formats.
Packaging machine for pre-made wicket bags
Packaging machine for pre-made wicket bags
Carrera I-500
Carrera I-500
IMA Ilapak has drawn on 50 years of market leadership and synergies within the new IMA FLX hub to take entry level flow wrapping performance into uncharted territory.
IMA Ilapak has drawn on 50 years of market leadership and synergies within the new IMA FLX hub to take entry level flow wrapping performance into uncharted territory.
DELTA 6000 R
DELTA 6000 R
Inverted flow wrapping platform with high-speed long-dwell sealing system for MAP applications up to 150ppm. Ideal for meat, cheese, pizza and bakery products.
Inverted flow wrapping platform with high-speed long-dwell sealing system for MAP applications up to 150ppm. Ideal for meat, cheese, pizza and bakery products
The Vegatronic 6400 is an evolution of IMA Ilapak’s top performing Vegatronic 6000 bagger, which has been developed and adapted to meet the specific demands of meat industry in terms of sanitary design, accessibility, fast changeover and OEE (overall equipment effectiveness).
VEGATRONIC 6400: top performing bagger machine
Eagle Flow Wrapper
Eagle Flow Wrapper
A high speed flow wrapper platform designed to be modular and configurable to a wide range of speeds and applications with a choice of control platforms, designed to meet global requirements of efficiency, safety and performance.
Modular, Flexible & Efficient Flow Wrapping

Ideally suited to long-leaf tea and herbs as well as any premium quality tea, the new machine model ensures optimum production capacity for both see-through tetrahedral and pillow tea bags.

C-Through – Visibly the best quality
SR Series
SR Series

Designed for medium production volumes, the SR Series machines are a reliable and cost effective solution, which ensures high technological standards and high dosing accuracy in a compact footprint.

SR Series overview
Petroncini R&D Lab Roasters
Petroncini R&D Lab Roasters

TMR 25 is the exactly scale down of Industrial TMR models. It has been created for R&D purposes and lab activities.

LAB roaster with unlimited performances

IMA opens a new laboratory showroom for America’s coffee industry professionals.

With a view to strengthening its presence on the North American market, leading manufacturer of coffee processing and packaging equipment, IMA Coffee, opens the doors to SHOWLAB, at the IMA North America facility located in Leominster (MA), housing a fully functional showroom. Alongside a selection of key machines which can be used to demonstrate IMA Coffee’s roasting, bagging and capsule-filling capabilities, the operations set up in Leominster (MA) represent a consolidating step which brings IMA even closer to the North American coffee industry.

Increased support on the North American markets

To complete the growing presence of IMA Coffee and deploy tangible services to the coffee industry on the American continent, a team of technicians ensuring availability is ready to troubleshoot remotely or on site. This service covers all aspects from mechanical to electronic, aftersales requirements, and from the prompt management of all requests by professional staff.

IMA opens a new laboratory showroom for America’s coffee industry professionals.

E-CO Flex1: the pack station of the future

IMA in collaboration with Intertape Polymer Group® Inc, (IPG) global leader of packaging and protective solutions, introduce the Pack Station of the Future for the e-commerce sector.

“Over the next decade, in all geographic regions, e-commerce sales continue to grow as a percentage of overall retail sales. Advanced packaging automation will be necessary to help e-tailers improve both throughput and their cost position as labor markets remain tight,” states Zach Kissel, VP Global E-Fulfillment with IPG. “The introduction of the E-CO Flex1 would allow for multiple pack stations to be combined into one without losing throughput and utilizing much less real estate than the multiple pack station model being used today.”

The E-CO Flex1 is designed to streamline the packaging process in e-fulfillment and it is capable of selecting the closest box size match to the product being packaged connecting to the customer’s WMS system. The machine erects and tapes the bottom of the shipping container with IPG’s recyclable water-activated tape. At the same time, the E-CO Flex1 applies any identification sticker to the carton. From there, the E-CO Flex1 presents the associate with a pre-assembled box, the associate then inserts the shippable items and secures them with a prescribed amount of dunnage. The associate reinserts the open faced box back into the machine where the remaining void is measured. If the algorithm determines that the space can be optimized, a series of knives adjust the size of the box to deliver the optimal dimensions of the shipment. The box is then closed, sealed and ushered to the customer’s conveyance.

“IMA has had a long history in the design, development and production of some of the most sophisticated packaging solutions to industry. Working with IPG, IMA has combined IPG’s proprietary water-activated tape sealing mechanism to deliver one of the most ergonomic and sustainable packaging solutions to the e-fulfillment industry,” commented Dario Rea, Director of Research & Innovation with IMA. “The E-Co Flex1 will allow some of the larger e-commerce customers to consolidate several pack stations into a single ‘Pack Station of the Future’, increasing packer efficiency and operational capacity.” 

Come discover the new technology on IPG Booth S-2814

Discover more about the machine

E-commerce activities demand perfect syncronisation among every task in the supply chain: products need to be prepared and shipped quickly, to be at pace in such extremely speed-driven market. E-CO Flex 1 is the perfect answer to E-commerce packaging activities.
The Packstation of the future

These are the technologies that our experts will unveil during the event, as they will not be exposed on the exhibition ground.

IMA Benhil - Multipack 8600


With an output of up to 300 packets per minute in twin execution and a filling weight and size range of 50 to 180 g, the double-cell machine Multipack 8600 achieves the highest output, worldwide, for filling and wrapping pasty type products. The size flexibility within the mentioned dosing range is unique for a high-speed machine, offering our customers future possibilities to produce – within the range of 50 to 180 g – packets with different footprints. The most common formats are sticks formats such as western and elgin style while it finds popularity in the US Market as well.

The MULTIPACK 8600 can work in line with the CARTOMAT 8562/8563, which is a fully automatic wrap-around cartoner for consumer portions with carton closing by hot melt.

IMA Benhil - Multipack 8600

IMA Gima FTB TL Series - Top Loading Cartoners


The FTB TL is a compact monobloc top-loading cartoner series that features the widest box size range and product arrangement. With fully servo-driven movement, the FTB TL Series ensures excellent production efficiency, quick size changeover and minimal maintenance requirements.

Extensive knowledge and the ability to provide customized solutions allow us to serve the confectionery, biscuit, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and pet food markets in the safest and most efficient way.

IMA Gima FTB TL Series - Top Loading Cartoners

IMA ERCA EFS-L - New Indexing Platform for Pre-formed Cups - Offering Endless Flexibility

Modular in design with stainless steel construction and servo-operations the machine allows for flexibility with filling stations, pre-fill and post fill for wet or dry ingredients. The chainless solution for the cup transportation enables format flexibility and precision index positioning throughout the machine.

Capable of filling cups up to a diameter of 130 mm, the filling and sealing machine is suitable for a broad variety of products. Key benefits of the EFS-L are the format flexibility, the chainless drive, the recipe functionality, and its’ improved hygiene options.

IMA ERCA EFS-L - New Indexing Platform for Pre-formed Cups - Offering Endless Flexibility

IMA OPENLab on show at PACK EXPO Chicago

Bring your materials to our booth, share your needs with us, our expert will show you the best sustainable path.

Our experts on site will introduce you to our OPENLab’s operational sites and what we do to concretely to help our network of customers and partners achieve their results, analysing and testing new materials.

Our pioneering approach to packaging drives us to discover plastic-free, compostable, biodegradable, recyclable and more sustainable plastic-based materials, offering a unique service that leads to eco-friendly packaging solutions and a positive impact on the environment.

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Our sustainable solution on show

Join our experts on our Booth 2514 and discover more about our range of sustainable technologies for the Food & Dairy market sector.

ZERO Technology Punching Tool
ZERO Technology Punching Tool
With the patented solutions ZERO Technology from INTECMA we offer an optimal solution for the use of mono-materials, such as PET, PP and PLA. E.g. with the innovative cutting tools, end users can handle the multipacks as with PS multipacks and simply break them into individual cups.

OPENLab • The place to share

OPENLab is the IMA Group’s network of technological laboratories and testing area, dedicated to the research on sustainable materials, technologies and production optimization processes.

Thanks to the implementation of the most modern digital infrastructures, together with think tank spaces, environments dedicated to the generation of ideas and the prototyping of materials, we aim to build a connection between knowledge and skills coming from machines, packaging manufacturing and customers.

The main goal of the laboratories is to find alternative materials to plastic and it aims to merge studies, experimentation and industrial development activities on materials including all laboratory phases, from design to engineering, of products and processes.


IMA ZERO is the foundation of our sustainable development program.

It includes all practices already in place, plus those we are currently implementing, and has the ultimate goal of minimizing environmental impact in industrial manufacturing, and promoting and creating a working and living habitat that always puts people at the centre.

Starting from innovationIMA ZERO is our very latest promise to create products, production processes and services, benefitting from a renewed logic of sustainability and from the awareness that our commitment today will help to shape the world of tomorrow.


IMA Digital is our desire for innovation. The force that drives us in the creation of new digital services to enhance and support manufacturing world.

The goal to be achieved and that pushes us to innovate qualitystrengthen reliability and develop a new way of producing.

IMA Digital aims at being an innovative thinking and an extraordinary way to grow. An idea, a concept always in evolution that brings change and that gives life to digital products, virtual tools and smart application – technology sensitive – to obtain full production efficiency in the manufacturing world.

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The manufacturing world is breathing life into increasingly connected machines that can produce and collecting large amount of information in order to detect problems early, carry out debugging or preventive maintenance and guide implementation or changeovers.

Discover Digital Products and Services to increase production efficiency:

  • A4GATE, the integrated hardware and software solution to protect data confidentiality, system operations and operator safety.
  • IMA Data Room, the virtual space in-cloud where all information coming from the plants is collected and stored, and where the data analysis software programs reside.
  • IMA Sentinel, the platform for continuous autonomous monitoring of the system’s performance wherever it is needed.
  • IMA Control Room, the set services, to improve production, based on detailed reports, specific alerts and general support 24/7.

IMA Digital Engineering

IMA Digital Project gave life to a series of services and project, specifically designed to support the digital life and coordinate the internal activities of a plant:

  • IMA Artificial Intelligence Anomaly Detection and IMA Preventive Maintenance, able to prevent the occurrence of damage or malfunction through Machine Learning techniques thanks to deep data analysis.
  • IMA Virtual Commissioning, to create digital twin of an equipment to bring out design errors and improvements to be implemented before the effective realization.
  • IMA Lines Virtualization, to simulate discrete events and obtain preventive performance line analysis, definition of plant layout, buffer and speed of the machines, and definition of the number of operators.
  • IMA Virtual Mockup, that allows operators to digitally test ergonomics before a plant is actually built. 

IMA Digital Training

IMA Group has created a wide range of solutions that integrate platforms and tools covering the needs of 360° training. The proposals aim to divide education into phases, designed to anticipate training where it is impossible to involve equipment, and exploit advanced technology where training can be carried out directly on the systems.
IMA Digital Classroom, traditional spaces intended for group training, in which students are guided by expert teachers and supported by latest- generation digital devices; IMA E-Learning, mode in which students train independently when and where they want; IMA Training On The Job, mode in which operators carry out training directly on the machine with the support of advanced digital devices.

IMA Digital Services

IMA wants to offer the end user a series of ancillary tools to ensure an ever more integrated and easier production experience, with a view to continuous improvement.
The IMA Customer Service Portal and IMA Smart Service Suite App are the tools that, combined, allow to obtain all the information and features for a better management of the installed base (digital interactive documentation, operative guidelines, requests opening), together with the e-commerce MYIMA Spare Parts.
In case of need, the IMA Solutions for Assistance comes to help for a support from an IMA remote expert.