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Delhi NCR, India - Stand 10.A33
  • PMEC India 2023

The IMA Group on show at PMEC India 2023

The IMA Pharma Divisions of IMA Group are glad to welcome you to P-MEC India 2023, stand 10.A33, from November 28th to 30th.  

IMA Active, Thomas Processing, IMA Life, IMA Safe and IMA PG India specialists are ready to introduce you to our All-In-One range of solutions and latest technologies for the processing and packaging of pharmaceutical products.

On show the PREXIMA 800 double-sided tablet press by IMA Active, the ACCELA CTC 500 coater by Thomas Processing, and the UNIQUE POTENTIAL HUB presenting IMA Life’s technologies for isolated aseptic filling lines.

IMA PG India takes immense pride in announcing that it has designed the A1 cartoner, a cutting-edge machine capable of accommodating environmentally-friendly packaging materials, specifically paper trays, for the secure packaging of inhalers, Auto Injectors, Pens, Vials, Ampoules, Cartridges.

Also on show the IMA AUTOMATION experts: stop by our stand to discover more about our medical devices assembly solutions!

What's on show?


Everything gained in years of experience and expertise in the industry has been carefully channelled into PREXIMA, the new series of tablet press machines. Available in three models, PREXIMA is the best solution to handle all production volumes.

All our skills. Compressed.

Thomas Processing’s ACCELA CTC 500 is the only coater on the market manufactured with an integrated wax addition system that eliminates the need for additional cooling systems, reducing the footprint of the equipment and streamlining the coating process.

The latest and the greatest.
The A1 has been designed specifically to handle the widest range of products and materials used in pharmaceutical industries.
The A1 has been designed specifically to handle the widest range of products and materials used in pharmaceutical industries.

Continuous Manufacturing hub

Continuous Manufacturing underpins the improvement of pharmaceutical products in terms of potency, effectiveness and safety by means of accurate process control. IMA Active has been cultivating its own knowledge and is ready to welcome the demand for innovation, working together with companies and stakeholders to design the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing. IMA Active proposes Continuous Manufacturing lines for compression, coating and encapsulation of OSD forms as a single partner of integrated solutions based on flexibility and modularity.

The Unique Potential. IMA Life integrated solutions for processing excellence

IMA Life designs and manufactures tailored solutions to process liquid, powder and lyo products in an aseptic environment. Issues such as flexibility, line integration with freeze-drying equipment, containment solutions for high-potent drugs, 100% IPC and decontamination are just some of the key aspects that come under the magnifying glass. Our engineers and process specialists focus on combining the most appropriate machines and developing new technologies, such as no-touch-transfer techniques using advanced robotics, to accompany the pharmaceutical industry towards the solutions that will be the pillars of tomorrow’s aseptic processing standards.

How to reach us

India Expo Centre,

Greater Noida, Delhi NCR


IMA Active offers a complete range of machines for the processing of oral solid dosage forms: granulation equipment, tableting machines, capsule filling machines with a wide range of filling and control systems, capsule and tablet coating machines in perforated pan and solid wall, capsule and tablet weighing machines, product handling and washing systems.

Thomas Processing

With more than 50 years of experience Thomas Processing LLC designs and manufactures a wide range of tablet coating systems based on modern technology that improves coating processes, reduces operation downtime, and increases coating uniformity and quality.


Operating through six production sites all over the world, IMA Life is able to supply complete integrated solutions for all companies dealing with aseptic and non-aseptic processing, lyophilisation and labelling for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

As a solution provider, the division can satisfy the most stringent requirements, offering products with consolidated technology, acquired not only through experience spanning over 60 years, but also thanks to ongoing partnerships and large-scale projects developed and managed with leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide.


IMA Safe designs and manufactures complete lines for primary and secondary packaging for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries. In particular, IMA Safe supplies a complete range of blister packaging machines, counters for capsules and tablets, tube fillers, sachet and stick packing machines, deep thermoforming and pre-formed paper tray packaging machines, horizontal and vertical cartoning machines.


With a long tradition in manufacturing End-of-Line equipment, IMA BFB counts on the most comprehensive range of secondary packaging machines available: banding and wrapping machines, case packers, palletizers and depalletizers, and customised flexible robotic solutions.


IMA AUTOMATION, the segment of the IMA Group composed of leading companies in the automation and assembly industry, designs and manufactures advanced technology lines for handling and assembling parts for different application fields.

The AUTOMATION Hub has many years of experience in the medical industry, specifically for the assembly of Drug Delivery, Wearables, Diagnostics, Tubing Sets and Surgical Instruments.

At PMEC India 2023 discover our sustainable packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical market!

Paper tray packaging

IMA Safe Italy and IMA PG India have developed highly flexible solutions for packaging a wide range of parenteral products and medical devices such as auto injectors, pens, vials, ampoules, inhalers and cartridges on paper trays inside cartons, creating 100% paper-based packaging.

The paper tray packaging line is based on well-established know-how already applied to other portfolio applications and guarantees brilliant performances. The whole technology is 100% in-house developed.

Using paper is a valid solution for secondary packaging because it is made from renewable resources, is easy to recycle, has relatively low energy requirements and is biodegradable.

Paper tray packaging

The bio-degradable tray

Our well established technologies have been thought once again for the best handling of new generation materials such as the bio-degradable PLA. We keep the same performance, the same quality, with a new purposes: our Planet.

IMA offers a complete range of deep thermoforming machines from low to high speed. All of them are designed with the environment in mind.

The bio-degradable tray

Stop by our stand to discover more about OPENLab!

IMA is bringing a part of its OPENLab on show – a small laboratory on the stand that illustrates the analysis and research of packaging materials carried out in the Group’s network of laboratories.

Come visit us to deep dive into our IMA ZERO’s No-Plastic Program (NOP).

In the OPENLab corner, you will have the opportunity to see up close our sustainable samples related to different markets covered by the Group, which were analysed and tested in our laboratories to deliver eco-friendly packaging solutions to our customers.

Our experts will be there to give you all the support and information you need.