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IMA in the Food, Dairy, Tea and Beverage markets
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IMA in the Dairy&Food market

Enter the world of Processing and Packaging to discover the future of your business​

IMA Group develops, manufactures and sells solutions to the packaging challenges of
the food & dairy industry with state-of-the-art thermoform, fill and seal machines (FFS) for cups,
portion packs and stick packs, fill and seal machines (FS) for preformed cups and tubs, vertical form,
fill and seal machines (VFFS) for bags, filling machines for spouted and unspouted pouches,
wrapping machines e.g. for cheese, butter, margarine, yeast and soup cubes,
cartoning and end of line solutions.

Dosing, wrapping and packaging solutions for cheese

IMA is the major global supplier of dosing, wrapping and packaging machines for triangular, square/rectangular and round portions of processed cheese in sealed alufoil wrap. Production ranges from 5g luxury cubes to 500g retail blocks. Key features include foil saving cutters, fully removable dosing systems, electronics and servo drives for fast and simple format changes.

With the implementation of product-tailored dosing and wrapping systems, IMA is also able to provide the same level of expertise and excellence in the packaging of cold filled products like fresh cheese, and to guarantee unperishable protection with flawless quality in the primary and secondary packaging.

Dosing, wrapping and packaging solutions for soup cubes

IMA stands out as a key technological partner in the field of paste and pressed soup cube packaging. Decades of experience in the food packaging industry and broad knowledge of the market make IMA an ideal partner for today’s leading names looking for a manufacturer who can accompany them toward new levels of efficiency, productivity and competitiveness on the marketplace.

IMA supplies high, medium and low-speed processing, dosing and wrapping lines for paste and pressed soup cubes with a wide choice of solutions, ranging from stand-alone machines to fully integrated, turnkey lines including boxing and cartoning machine and end-of-line packaging in display and bulk containers.


Forming, filling and sealing & Filling and sealing solutions

With its‘ long term experience in filling liquid to pasty products into different kind of cups – in pre-formed as well as in thermoformed cups – IMA offers a large variety of different filling possibilities.

Covering all aspects of the packaging process – from consultancy and design to production planning and turnkey solutions, IMA provides equipment for filling in pre-formed cups or in thermoformed cups. Millions of people worldwide are supplied daily with fresh, healthy products by the food and dairy industry. Products must be packed quickly and hygienically to make sure consumers will always find appetizing products packed in cups in the supermarket. Considering all requirements in the yoghurt, dessert and beverage sectors, and with decades of specific experience, IMA plays a role as primary technological partner and business advisor in all areas of packaging for such products.

Pouch filling solutions

IMA supplies a broad selection of high performance equipment for pouches and spouted pouches.

Focusing on production efficiency, repeatability and ensuring precise filling, sealing and capping operations, each solution is designed to provide maximum flexibility, fast size changeovers and a huge variety of pouch shapes and dimensions. Machine design based on a modular concept also enables opportunities for process flexibility and makes each solution adaptable to specific needs.

Continuous rotary motion combined with exclusive technologies for improved pouch handling developed by our engineers enable superb productivity while providing accurate results and a choice of processing methods to satisfy all customers.

A convenient solution for fruit juices, baby foods and many other food and beverage products, the complete range of pouch filling and sealing equipment is versatile and highly reliable. Our team of industry experts are ready to assess your needs and define the best solution.


Visitors to Djazagro 2019 will have the opportunity to discuss in depth with our sector specialists how Ilapak’s flexible packaging technologies can benefit their operations and solve their packaging problems. 

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IMA in the Tea&Herbs market

On show the best processing and packaging solutions.

We project our machines for the future

Thanks to over 50 years of experience in the tea bagging sector and an impressive 70% market share,
IMA Tea & Herbs is the world’s leading supplier of automatic machines designed for the packaging of tea and herbs in filter bags.

With a tradition of excellence and a distinctive flair for innovation, IMA has an in-depth understanding of the market
and is receptive to fast-evolving customer needs. This leads to a high degree of flexibility in the solutions provided
and also enables much-appreciated opportunities for customisation.



IMA and MaiSA today

Offering IMA a significant foothold in South America, this partnership gives both companies an extensive global presence. Customers will now benefit from a broader offering, closer support and solutions based on a wider experience leading to solutions which will respond even more appropriately to specific needs.

IMA RI • A complementary partner for IMA Tea & Herbs Division

Offering a qualified service center for overhaul and maintenance as well as brand new RI-Teamac tea bag packaging machines

Revisioni Industriali’s mission is to be a complementary partner for IMA Tea & Herbs Division in the overhauled machine market as well as in the production of new RI-Teamac tea bag packaging machines.

IMA provides customers with a highly qualified service centre which performs overhaul and maintenance on a selection of teabag packaging machines in order to provide a solution for companies in search of high-performance equipment at competitive prices.