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Post published on 04/06/2019

IMA becomes part of MxD, Digital Manufacturing Institute in Chicago

IMA Group becomes Partner of MxD, the prestigious Digital Manufacturing Institute and Competence Center in Chicago.

Established in 2014, MxD brings together university partners, industrialists, startups and American governmental structures to facilitate companies in the challenges related to technological advancement. The Institute aims to guide the digital future of the production sector, introducing new technologies and making the industries more agile and competitive. Formerly Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII), the organization renewed its name in Manufacturing x Digital (MxD), to underline the two main focuses that it promotes: the industrial production and the vision aimed at digital technologies.

In fact, the Institute sees its core business in manufacturing production and in possible digital applications that include Additive Manufacturing, IIoT, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), simulation, modeling and integration of IT infrastructures, including cybersecurity concepts to bring holistic benefits to the entire product life cycle.  

MxD supports the partners in the design, development, implementation of engineering systems, supply chain and more generally throughout the digital development path.

“The partnership born between MxD and IMA represents a further step for the company growth in terms of innovation and digitalisation” comments Dario Rea, IMA Research and Innovation Director: “Through the Chicago Digital Manufacturing Institute resources , we will be able to accelerate the Group development, introducing new skills and establishing high-profile industrial relations: strategic assets that fall within IMA’s digital development plan.”

As a partner of MxD, the Group will take advantage of the numerous resources that the American institution makes available: from the workshops (sessions during which the partners concentrate their efforts in finding technological solutions to production problems), to projects (where the ideas and the solutions find concrete applications and technical results) passing then to the physical structures(environments where to collaborate with other companies in demo productions, implement development tests and access a wide technological panorama).

The partnership with MxD is part of that growth path undertaken by IMA and already strongly accelerated thanks to the membership, no later than a few months ago, to the Industrial Liaison Program of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – the special membership thanks to which IMA has full access to the MIT resources and the possibility of organizing targeted meetings, sponsorship opportunities for innovative projects and enhanced networks.

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