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Global policy for communities and the development of knowledge

IMA’s social commitment is based on a fundamental concept: the responsibility that an industry has towards society and the world is an expression of will on the part of top management, as well as an element of identity for all those who work for the enterprise. That is why IMA promotes the involvement of its employees in programs and initiatives of corporate citizenship and Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Group applies the same philosophy at factories located in all geographical areas, promoting educational and awareness-building projects for the personnel of newly acquired companies in order to increase their consciousness and sense of identification.

The territory, understood as the economic and social fabric in which IMA was born and raised, and in which it operates, is a strategic element for the Group’s activities. Between territory and enterprise there is in fact a constant exchange of knowledge, experience and wealth (and not just economic wealth), that makes the relationship both inseparable and interdependent. IMA’s success hinges on the welfare of the community in which it operates. This is why the Group is committed to promoting and supporting programs with a social, educational and cultural purpose, with particular attention to the technical one; IMA aims to develop solid relations with its own subcontracting network made up of small businesses and artisans, to generate economies of scale even in situations of fragmentation.



The companies of the IMA Group contribute to various cultural and social projects both in their own territories and internationally. During 2018, IMA Group companies supported numerous social, cultural, education and sports activities, making grants and donations for a total of 2,066,659 euros (+5.4% on 2017). This amount includes the resources allocated to the social responsibility projects, expenses incurred for the benefit of employees (such as for sports groups or other corporate initiatives), as well as the fees that the Group has paid to join representative or industry associations.



Antoniano Onlus: “Progetto Famiglie”

At Christmas 2018, IMA renewed its support for the “Progetto Famiglie” by Antoniano Onlus, which continues to support families in need, facing emergencies and also promoting the process of economic and social emancipation. Thanks to IMA’s contribution, during 2019, Antoniano Onlus will be able to help 20 families (around 80 people, including 42 children).

FID (Fare Impresa in Dozza)

Along with two other important companies in the sector, IMA provides financial support for “Fare Impresa in Dozza”, a small mechanical engineering business that employs detainees, located inside the Dozza Prison of Bologna.
During 2018, the facility hosted several detainees for internships and training periods, as part of a training course dedicated to 12 detainees who will become part of the FID workforce in 2019. All participants achieved the educational objectives of the training.

Lions Club of Juhu and Riddhi
Siddhi Charitable Trust

IMA-PG in India supports the Lions Club of Juhu and the Riddhi Siddhi Trust, engaged in projects for education, development and improvement of the conditions of life and health of the communities in which they operate.

Associazione Libera

In 2018, IMA supported two activities promoted by Libera. The first was the “XXIII Giornata della Memoria e dell’Impegno in ricordo delle vittime innocenti delle mafie” (XXIII Day of Remembrance and Commitment in memory of the innocent victims of the mafias) held on 21 March in Foggia and simultaneously in other squares and places throughout Italy. The event was anticipated on 17 and 18 March by a meeting in Bari with the families of the victims of the various types of mafia.
The second event was the “Benfatto – 2018 Edition”, a journey in stages along the Italian territory interspersed with moments of training. Between April and June, Libera accompanied dozens of young people on the itinerary, exploring with them two themes in particular: community care and new forms of economy.



IMA supports various scientific research projects and the work of associations that are dedicated to the care and health of people in Italy and in various parts of the world. Among these:

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, United States

For the period 2018-2021, IMA decided to support the research work of “Ultra-Precision Medicine”, led by Professor Pier Paolo Pandolfi, MD, PhD at the BIDMC Cancer Center in Boston. 

Médecins Sans Frontières

On the occasion of the Christmas festivities, IMA gave its support to the MSF project for the prevention and early detection of malaria in Bili, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where this disease is still the leading cause of mortality in the country today: 75 children out of 1,000 born alive do not reach the age of five. In 2018 the health program in Bili addressed more than 180,000 people, including about 36,000 children under the age of 5.
IMA, with its donation, helps MSF to reach and treat more than 5,000 children affected by malaria and to provide about 800 children with intensive nutritional therapy at MSF Centres.

In India, IMA-PG is actively involved in supporting local communities, through collaboration with various local NGOs. 

Abhilasha Foundation

Mumbai NGO active in the field of education, health and sustainability, which also provides vocational training courses and support for women and children in need.



Because of the historical links with the district to which it belongs and the need to face future challenges, IMA has always supported various initiatives that enhance the industrial and technical culture of its territory.

Associazione Amici del Museo del Patrimonio Industriale

Since 1997, IMA has been a member of the Association founded to reinforce and promote the corporate culture and the deep bond between the world of production and the world of training. The Association supports the Museo del Patrimonio Industriale (Industrial Heritage Museum) of Bologna, and its training projects aimed at new generations, facilitating dialogue between companies, technical schools, universities and institutions.
In 2018 the Associazione Amici del Museo del Patrimonio Industriale (Association of Friends of the Museum of Industrial Heritage) promoted and supported the creation of the Factory of the Future inside the museum. This new reality will allow visitors to learn about the evolution of industrial technologies, starting from the past and projecting them into the future. 

University degree course in Industrial Product Design

The University degree course in Industrial Product Design, financed by IMA, is part of the Department of Architecture at the University of Bologna. The course aims at training industrial designers who know how to develop designs of the practical use to companies and guide them through industrialisation and development to the production stage. 

ESI (Economic Strategy Institute), Washington DC, United States

ESI is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to the study and development of global business strategies. In particular, the entity’s attention is focused on the analysis of those corporate and national strategies that allow globalization to develop in conditions of equality and mutual benefit. IMA supports a project that aims to assess the potential fallout of Artificial Intelligence in the industrial manufacturing sector and to identify the effects of enabling technologies on market trends. The topics being researched include cloud computing, Open Source software and Artificial Intelligence with particular reference to machine learning.

Fondazione Adriano Olivetti

On 8 and 9 June 2018, in collaboration with the Adriano Olivetti Foundation, the round table “Focus: Adriano Olivetti”, now in its fifth edition, took place in Turin. The event, curated by Michele Fasano, was a moment of dialogue among the protagonists of the responsible economy. In fact, Olivetti’s vision was known for being futuristic and a source of inspiration for cutting-edge business models. Today his ideas are considered relevant as part of the digitisation process of Industry 4.0. 



For a long time, IMA has contributed various types of artistic and cultural initiatives, encouraging the development of culture and the creation of important works of art. These are projects that have a historical and artistic value, but also a special meaning for the territory to which IMA is linked.

Fondazione Manzoni Factory

IMA supported the 2018/19 season of the Manzoni Factory. The convention program allows employees and collaborators of the IMA Group to benefit from discounts for the purchase of tickets for the 2018/19 season of the Manzoni Factory at the Teatro Manzoni in Bologna.



Fondazione Symbola

Since 2017 IMA has been a member of Symbola, the Foundation for Italian Quality which promotes the soft economy, along with a quality-oriented development model. One of the objectives of Symbola is to network different groups of people: organizations, associations and personalities of the economic and entrepreneurial world, of active citizenship, of territorial and institutional realities and the world of culture. Also in 2018, Symbola published the GreenItaly Report, which dealt with the theme of the national green economy.

The FAO project for the development of food packaging in Sub-Saharan Africa

Since 2015, IMA has supported the FAO project with the aim of intervening with appropriate technologies to reduce food waste. As part of SAVE FOOD, in 2015, IMA’s Chairman Alberto Vacchi and Laurent Thomas, FAO Assistant Director-General, signed an agreement for the execution of the project “Improving food packaging for small and medium agro-enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa”.
According to FAO estimates, in fact, a third of all the food produced in the world is lost. Packaging can play a strategic role in the fight against hunger and malnutrition. The International Trade Centre (ITC) in Geneva will also participate in this project. ITC is the centre for international trade affiliated to the World Trade Organization and the United Nations Conference.
The project organized a regional packaging workshop which took place on 10 September 2018 in Lusaka, Zambia, during the World Export Development Forum (WEDF). Leaders and experts in industrial packaging from various Sub-Saharan African countries came together to discuss and make recommendations on how to develop packaging-related solutions in the agri-food sector. During 2019, the FAO-IMA project will finalize its activities by organizing feasibility studies for the construction of multi-service packaging centres in select African countries, and for the development of guidelines that provide advice to small and medium-sized farms regarding selection, operation and maintenance of packaging equipment.

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