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Economic Sustainability

End-user satisfaction is IMA's primary goal in business. Achieving it means creating profits to remunerate the shareholders and economic value for all of our stakeholders.

Economic Sustainability

Continuous investment in technology and constant improvement in the quality and reliability of products allowed IMA to open new foreign branches, create joint ventures with other industry players and partnerships in the academic and scientific field; in this way, IMA is able to serve its end-users more and more quickly and efficiently, obtaining a competitive advantage.
Behind these characteristics lie the ability and commitment to propose to the market and to customers solutions related to the Company’s values, which are oriented towards:

• promoting a culture of Quality to ensure products and services of the highest possible level and safety and reliability over time of its solutions;
• investing in the Research and Development of programs for innovative services, designing technologically advanced solutions with a lower environmental impact;
• implementing responsible and integrated management of the Supply Chain in economic, social and environmental terms;
• promoting or joining projects and initiatives for the development of Local Economies in the communities in which IMA operates.

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