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Chairman's message

Letter from the Chairman

2018 was another year of considerable satisfaction for the IMA Group: we achieved excellent results, thanks to the high quality of the solutions and services provided to our customers, while always maintaining respect for all our stakeholders. We strengthened our leadership thanks to a development policy that combined organic and  external growth. This was bolstered by an industrial strategy based on responsible and prudent development in operational management and innovation, which led to the acquisition of new market shares.

IMA intends to take on more and more of a leading role in the world of industrial automation and digitisation, maintaining sustainability as a guiding light when making strategic decisions. The creation of economic value is led by a vision of future development based on sustainability, as a shared and essential value for coping with global challenges.

In fact, sustainability accompanies innovation: in both the production process and the products. Within the new concept of “Smart Manufacturing“, which involves responsible use of digital technologies in the manufacturing sector, we are investing in solutions such as Additive Manufacturing, IoT, Cloud, Big Data, Collaborative Robotics, advanced automation and artificial intelligence. IMA Digital summarises our efforts for a 4.0 that considers the need to combine, say  , innovation and job protection. Remembering the need to balance technological growth and access to new languages that can generate outcasts.

Business, environment, society and work are the pillars of a strong bond that unites IMA with the territories in which it operates, and there are many exchanges, partnerships and joint projects in various fields: cultural, social and educational. In particular, IMA actively supports technical and scientific training, which is necessary to remain competitive in global markets.
And it is thanks to the knowledge gained through highly work-oriented study courses that younger generations will manage to cope successfully with changes in the world of labour.

2018 marks the 7th edition of our Sustainability Report which bears witness, once again, to our belief in accountability to all of our stakeholders. We have new Group companies around the world that are now involved in the reporting process and several new locations obtained environmental certification during 2018: a path that is gradual, but we feel duty-bound to take it and will continue to do so.

But our real strength, like that of any business, lies in our People: we implement a global policy for responsible management of our human capital with the aim of protecting and strengthening it, building a culture of responsibility and respect. Proof of this is IMA’s recent recognition as a “Top Employer”, as well as the “Breaking the glass ceiling” project, by which we encourage the presence of women in positions of responsibility.
In 2018, our People in the various Group offices contributed to IMA’s growth, and not only in terms of production and turnover.

In this Sustainability Report you will find non-financial data and information that give an account of the economic, social and environmental results of IMA around the world.

I hope you enjoy reading this report. I look forward to receiving any comments from anyone interested in sending them to me, for whatever reason.


The Chairman

Alberto Vacchi

Alberto Vacchi, Chairman & CEO