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Corporate welfare

Part-time work, post-partum leave of absence, time off to take care of sick or invalid relatives, as well as facilitations and benefits are the tools that help to reconcile private life and working life. In many cases, IMA guarantees better conditions than those offered by national labour contracts.

Part-time work

IMA’s in-house labour agreements permit a higher percentage of part-time contracts than is envisaged in the national collective labour contract. Also during 2016, all applications for part-time work were accepted by the Company.

Post-partum leave of absence

Employees of IMA S.p.A., both men and women, are entitled to:

  • a period of three months during the first year of the baby’s life, in addition to the period provided by law, during which the Company pays 30% of the person’s normal salary;
  • for 3 of the 6 months due by law, the Company integrates the indemnity granted by INPS with an additional payment equal to 30% of the person’s normal salary;
  • advances on severance pay to integrate the loss of income.

Time off to take care of sick or invalid relatives (within the second degree)

Employees of IMA S.p.A. can obtain:

  • 1 day of paid leave for the father when a child is born;
  • 4 days of paid leave to take care of a member of the family in the event of serious illness;
  • 16 hours of unpaid leave and 4 hours of paid leave to take care of the family with self-certification.

Additional facilitations and benefits (for IMA employees in Italy)

  • health insurance paid for by the Company and the possibility of extending coverage to other members of the family with a contribution from the employee;
  • work and non-work related accident insurance, paid for entirely by the Company;
  • special agreements with banks for more favourable terms;
  • psychological counselling service by a professional who carries out short support interviews during working hours;
  • contribution towards groups of employees who play sports at a recreational level.

In addition, all of IMA’s employees, as required by Italian law, can take advantage of periods of absence or leave depending on their needs (e.g. to take care of relatives).