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Post published on 20/12/2020

IMA Flx Hub, Novamont, Saes Coated Films, Sacchital and TicinoPlast join forces for a new compostable packaging project


Five companies of excellence in the Italian supply chain are playing an important role as technological innovators in the transition process towards the circular economy, and they are IMA, Novamont, Saes Coated Films, Sacchital and TicinoPlast.

Intense and joint research and development work, based on the respective know-how of these star players of both biodegradable and functional materials as well as their transformation, has given life to an all-Italian project dedicated to compostable packaging and its relative implementation.

The result of this synergy has been a new 100% compostable and high-barrier packaging. In fact, the five companies have developed a revolutionary compostable food packaging with high oxygen and water vapour barrier properties. Certified in compliance with the European standard EN 13432, it can disintegrate in just 45 days, thus contributing to the generation of compost, a natural and nutrient-rich soil improver that promotes fertility and regeneration of agricultural soil.

Deriving from renewable raw materials and suitable for replacing non-recyclable multilayer packaging or packaging contaminated with food residues, the new solution closes the circle of economy. It comes from the earth and, through industrial composting, returns to nourish the earth again. This avoids landfill disposal and creates a quality compost, which is a very important ally in the fight against desertification and soil erosion.

The project has been launched on the market through the publication of website, whose purpose is to promote the use of compostable materials, show how they should be disposed of, collect development requests from companies in the sector and create new synergies.

Here are the four excellences of Made in Italy supporting IMA Group’s FLX Hub in this ambitious sustainability challenge:

SAES Coated Films is a SAES® Group company that designs, produces and deposits high-barrier or active coatings on plastic films or biomaterials for food, personal care and industrial packaging. The company is a benchmark in the eco-design of high-barrier packaging that meets recyclability or compostability requirements , thanks to its innovative water-based coating technologies. With  its strong scientific know-how acquired in over 80 years of business, the company’s mission is to bring innovation and sustainable solutions to today’s packaging industry.

Novamont is a leading group in the production of bioplastics and development of both biochemical and bio products through the integration of chemistry, environment and agriculture. With more than 600 employees, the group closed 2019 with a turnover of approximately 270 million euros and constant investments into research and development (5% of turnover, more than 20% of staff). It also boasts about 1,800 patents and patent applications. Based in Novara, it is present in over 40 countries worldwide through its distributors.

Sacchital Group designs, develops and manufactures new-generation flexible, innovative and sustainable  packaging – both recyclable and compostable – for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors. Always aware of and attentive to sustainability and the environment, and deeply rooted in the tradition and experience of paper processing, Sacchital Group has developed and tested PaperCompost HB®: 100% compostable packaging made from paper and biopolymer, with high barrier properties.

Since 1967, TicinoPlast has been operating on the European market of polyethylene and polypropylene films for flexible packaging in the food, industrial, pharmaceutical and electronic sectors. Its knowledge of converting processes, especially printing, laminating and packaging manufacturing, as well as of the various packaging machines enables TicinoPlast to supply customers with films that guarantee the highest performance levels on the market. The attention to environmental issues and sustainability has allowed Ticinoplast to manufacture products suitable for the circular economy, such as films designed for mono-material, compostable and renewable packaging.  Compostable films used for project are included in the new Nextfilm™ product family introduced to fulfil circular economy dictates.

This initiative led by the IMA FLX hub, the reference point in the flexible packaging machines market, concretely testify the IMA ZERO philosophy, which is really key for the Group.

IMA ZERO is the Group’s commitment to creating products, production processes and services, conceived with a brand new logic of sustainability and with the awareness that its efforts today will shape the world of tomorrow.