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The event takes place from 27/03/2020 to 27/03/2020

Collaborative robotics developments

Collaborative Robotics-related to IMA Digital activities continue. The topic will be discussed on Friday 27 March (2.30 pm) during the webinar promoted by CRIT “Collaborative Robotics: State of the Art for the Rossini case study”. During the digital initiative, the experiences and knowledge gathered within the Project focused on the development of solutions for the future of Collaborative Robotics will be shared.

The Rossini Project, an European initiative that brings together 13 partners including Datalogic (coordinator), IMA (use case) and CRIT (responsible for dissemination), sees the Group actively involved in technological implementation and in the level of interaction between man and robot improvement. As part of the Project, IMA carries out activities aimed at developing innovative systems for raw materials for packaging machines that guaranteed the collaboration/coexistence of operators and robots.

The goal set by IMA, which will be discussed in the dedicated webinar session, is to increase the efficiency and reliability of this robotics application to relieve operators from performing repetitive and low added value operations. Over the next few months, the development plan will see the completion of the IMA robotic cell consisting of an AGV, two robots and sensors on which Rossini technologies will be tested.

During the webinar, various topics will be addressed relating to:

  • Use cases
  • Detection and tracking from the work environment (architectural elements, data fusion techniques)
  • Robotic architectures for safety (control architectures, robotic arms and mobile robots)
  • Human-Machine Interaction (HMI, ergonomics, quality of work and division of tasks)
  • System architecture for security (system architectures and system design tools)
  • Market overview (market share and cobots trends)

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