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Post published on 14/05/2019

IMA: an award-winning Group in constant evolution.

IMA has obtained the prestigious “Top Employer Italia” certification, an award assigned annually by the Top Employers Instituteto companies that distinguish themselves not only in terms of quality of processes related to Human Resources, but also for the attention to both professional and personal growth of people.

The certification process was a moment of reflection that allowed a complete mapping of all the HR quality processes, and confirmed the attention that the Group has always paid to its employees. People are the key to achieve a long-term success and building expertise within are one of the strategic assets of the Company.

The Top Employer award adds to the recent awards obtained by the Company at the end of 2018: the GED 2018 Award and the Responsible Innovators Award.  

IMA was awarded the first GED 2018 prize for the continuous commitment to gender equality and against whatever discrimination with the project “Breaking the Ceiling Glass”, a multi-year professional development and training addressed to female employees with the aim to promote and to increase the presence of women in responsibility roles. 

The Responsible Innovators award, on the other hand, is given to companies that stand out for Corporate Social Responsibility and Responsible Innovation, supporting projects in line with the objectives of the 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development. 

The award obtained by IMA Group in the business category with over 250 employees was given for those operations that allowed the improvement of the work-life balance and the overcoming of gender inequalities.

These awards certify the effort that IMA makes to ensure a stimulating and motivating work environment, in which employees are strongly committed and protected in taking part actively in the sustainable growth of the Group’s results.  

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Top Employer Italia 2019

GED 2018 Award

Responsible Innovators Award