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Medical device assembly solutions by IMA Automation

IMA Automation designs and manufactures advanced technology solutions for the assembly of medical devices like inhalers, injection systems, diagnostic devices, infusion products and ophthalmic products.


UAO! Unending Assembly Opportunities.

The latest development launched by IMA Automation Gima is the EVO FLEX ROTARY, an assembly indexed rotary platform based on space-saving design, ideal for assembling large quantities of complex, market-ready products such as multi-component medical devices. The EVO FLEX ROTARY machine is comprised of a servo-driven dial table unit designed to allow complete flexibility of the system configuration, including servo-controlled pick and place mechanisms. Assembly of between 2 and 5 components can be achieved through basic machine configuration. The unit can be merged with a second one by adding a specific transfer module which allows the pre-assembled parts to be transferred from one module to the other. On board, the electrical cabinet enables fast dismantling and installation of the system. The EVO FLEX ROTARY is a platform that forms the basis for a made-to-measure answer to specific needs. Stations and assembly technologies can be added to suit customer requirements.

An innovative, modular approach for automation

iQ FLEX is the latest modular platform for the automation industry, based on pallet transfer technology and designed by IMA Automation North America. It provides today’s future-focused solutions and meets the need for speed and flexibility in manufacturing.

Intelligent conveyor technology allows this platform to be expanded, adding or removing process stations as the product evolves, thus adapting to product and volume changes.

This solution is the next step in motion control, replacing mechanics with simple, effective software profiles, redefining speed and flexibility in automation.

Low-volume assembly platform

An entry point for assembly automation, the PILOT MED low-volume platform is the highly flexible answer for customers seeking efficiency and cost-effective assembly operations, with a chance of merging manual, semi and fully automatic work stations.

IMA Digital: make it real.
Smart Machines. Smart Services. Smart Organization.

Come and see the IMA Digital Hub Data Services for machine data visualization and analysis as well as machine monitoring tools. Innovative AR solutions for size change over operations and immersive VR systems for operator’s and maintenance training will enhance Operational Excellence to ensure continuous growth of productivity.

IMA Digital shapes its vision of Smart Machines and the Smart Factory declining the Industry 4.0 principles according to a unique visionary approach.

IMA Digital will deliver additional value with empowered machines and services created to supply predictive and personalized customer experiences across the entire value chain.

Based on the common principles of Industry 4.0, IMA Digital will offer Pharma the opportunity not only to fix agility and productivity issues, but also to provide quality operations with better instruments to enforce product safety and supply chain security.

IMA’s vision of an intelligent factory is a place where the main production elements (tools, devices and machines) are connected in order to obtain a smoother production management, allowing higher flexibility and reconfiguration.

January, 20-21, 2021
Join us to discover ATOP’s latest developments for the hairpin stator technology production lines through a series of virtual events. 10+ experts in the field will drive you through the universe of equipment technology to manufacture wound stators of electric motors for automotive applications.