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IMA Group at ALL4PACK 2018 • Personal Care

In a market as demanding and quality-oriented as the personal care sector, IMA, with its vast experience and technical expertise spanning over five decades, can offer the most effective solutions and cater to the widest possible needs.

IMA in the Personal Care market

As a global partner, IMA ensures the perfect combination of creative flair and industrial common sense
to devise optimal turnkey solutions to manufacturers of personal care items.

Flexibility, customised solutions and a range of equipment covering all aspects of packaging, together with a highly professional 
worldwide service network, are the ingredients which will help our customers gain a real competitive advantage”

Let’s meet the experts of Personal Care for a virtual tour of our product range.

Tube Filling


The wide range of the C1290 configurations include a choice of tube feeding devices: cassette type, independent ergonomic and fully robotized. Outstanding sturdiness and considerable performance are smartly combined to intuitive operation: the dream of users comes true.


Vertical Cartoning


Designed to pack the widest range of products, VERTICARE, allows for an extremely gentle handling of all components of the package through the entire packaging process. The 360° accessibility of the machine simplifies the cleaning and format changeover.


An ideal complement to high-speed filling equipment or buffering systems granting excellent line efficiency, the compact FTC578-C vertical cartoner is designed to enable huge machine configuration flexibility and later implementation of a liner system.



Designed to wrap cartons, trays, bundles and other parallelepiped products typical of the cosmetics sector, the A100 uses all reel-fed, heat-sealable film types, and with its entirely mechanical movements, enjoys minimal need for maintenance.

Case Packing

CPH2 Side Loading Case-Packer

The CPH2 is a medium speed casepacker designed to handle the widest range of products and materials. Flexibility, maximum efficiency, total access and total control make the CPH2 a casepacker of new generation.

MMP400 Wrap-Around Case-Packer

Electronically driven, high-performance case packer, the MMP400 benefits from astute ergonomic design features enabling user-friendly operation and optimum productivity, with a blanks magazine positioned to allow easy case loading.

Turnkey lines for the Personal Care market

Take the chance to discover and learn more about three complete packaging lines:


An entire turnkey line for hair-dye packaging products, from bottle filling all the way to palletizing.


Skincare cream in bottle packaging line, from de-packing to case packing machine.


Packaging line from cartoning to case packing.