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IMA Group at ALL4PACK 2018 • The 4th dimension of Dairy and Food

IMA’s core business in the dairy and food sector is managed by IMA Dairy&Food, designing and manufacturing automatic machines for the processing and packaging of countless dairy and food products.

Enter the world of Dairy and Food processing and packaging to discover the future of your business

IMA Dairy&Food offers solutions to the packaging challenges of the food & dairy industry with state-of-the-art thermoform, 
fill and seal machines (FFS) for cups, portion packs and stick packs, fill and seal machines (FS) for preformed cups and tubs, 
vertical form, fill and seal machines (VFFS) for bags, filling machines for spouted and unspouted pouches, wrapping machines 
for cheese, butter, margarine, yeast and soup cubes, cartoning and end of line solutions.

IMA D&F Latest Innovations
Filling & Sealing Technology Portfolio

Today’s portfolio for Filling & Sealing is complete with an extensive, highly functional range of solutions.

Developed according to real market needs, which span from reliable, practical equipment offering good quality standards
and making economic sense to high-speed, ultra-high-performance machinery integrating the latest technologies and premium features direct from our R&D department.

In response to new market trends and a demand for superior flexibility, the filling and sealing machines now cover the request for top-level
hygienic conditions while maintaining their most versatile qualities in terms of cup or box size and shape as well as taking into account the processed product.
Today, we are able to offer a selection of cross-market solutions adapted to more than one category to provide customers with maximum flexibility
and satisfaction all the way down the line.

Pouch Filling Machine

ERMETIKA is a high-speed, continuous motion rotary machine assembling, filling and sealing spouts and premade pouches in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. High efficiency and premium quality results for countless products typical of the food and dairy market.

Form, Fill & Seal machine for portion packs

The P300 is a compact and modular form, fill and seal machine for mini-portions for multiple food and dairy applications. Offering efficiency at low operational costs, it represents a complete solution when equipped with integrated case packaging systems.

Forming, filling and sealing for cups

A low output category machine, the C100 handles up to 7,000 cups h for all kind of dairy products as well as liquid-to-pasty food products. With a minimal footprint and a modular structure for convenient handling, the C100 is a simple and cost effective solution with only one press.

Multipack 2000
Dosing and wrapping machine

Compactness, flexibility and state-of-the-art technology describe the new MULTIPACK 2000. With a filling variety from 50 up to 500g and an output of 100 packets per minute, this filling and wrapping machine stands for high quality at an economical level.