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ACHEMA 2022 exceeded our expectations, thank you for being part of it!

On our stand, visitors have been guided through the All-In-One range of solutions for the Pharmaceutical industry by our experts.

Our Corporate Projects, IMA ZERO and IMA Digital, were under the spotlight for the entire show, proving details about our sustainable solutions for the pharma industry alongside with digital products and solutions for the productions.

Get the opportunity to re-watch some highlight from the show and ask for more information about our lines and projects on show.

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  • Solid Dose
    Processing Solutions
    Solid Dose </br> Processing Solutions
  • Aseptic Processing and Freeze Drying Solutions
    Aseptic Processing and Freeze Drying Solutions
  • Primary & Secondary
    Packaging Solutions
    Primary & Secondary </br> Packaging Solutions
  • Automation
    & Assembly Solutions
    Automation </br>& Assembly Solutions

IMA ACTIVE is the ideal partner for each solid dose processing phase:

granulation, tableting, capsule filling and banding, weight checking, coating, handling and washing.

to believe in

IMA Active has been cultivating its own knowledge and is ready to welcome the demand for innovation, working together with companies and stakeholders to design the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

IMA Active proposes Continuous Manufacturing lines for compression, coating and encapsulation of Oral Solid Dosage forms as a single partner of integrated solutions based on flexibility and modularity.


ADAPTA 50. More than a machine.

The new ADAPTA 50 synthesizes all the best of IMA Active competence in capsule filling. While designing this machine, IMA Active scouted for new technical solutions, improved the handling of difficult to manage products, tested innovative algorithms and feedback loops to enhance the in-line control of critical quality and performance attributes. The result is a machine unique on the market that further underscores the hallmarks of IMA acknowledged ADAPTA 100 and ADAPTA 200 capsule fillers.

ADAPTA 50. More than a machine.

IMA LIFE is the ideal partner for aseptic processing lines.
The product range includes blowers, washers, depyrogenating tunnels,
liquid and powder fillers
, freeze dryers, automatic loaders/unloaders,
labellers, isolation systems.

INJECTA 36, High-speed, Advanced Robotic Processing for Ready-To-Use Syringes

IMA Life will present INJECTA 36, the latest high-speed advanced solution for RTU syringes and pre-capped cartridges in world premiere at Achema 2022.

Introducing an innovative solution for 100% In-Process Control and check-weighing, INJECTA 36 consolidates IMA Life as a key player in the Ready-To-Use segment for automatic filling & closing machines to maximise production performance.


INJECTA 36, High-speed, Advanced Robotic Processing for Ready-To-Use Syringes

Xtrema, High Speed Filling and Stoppering Machine for Aseptic Environments

Processing all vial sizes in the SVP and LVP range and changing from continuous to alternate vial transport motion by HMI, Xtrema is IMA Life’s high speed filler for output loss minimization at high speed up to 600 vpm with 100% IPC.

And, with the “Quick Fit” feature of the filling pumps -CIP/SIP ready-, no tools are needed nor to get in touch with product contact parts. Ideal for exposure to VPHP, Xtrema is suitable for integration with isolation technology or other containment solutions.

Xtrema, High Speed Filling and Stoppering Machine for Aseptic Environments

Sterifill RS, Fill-finish Solution for Ready-To-Use Components

The STERIFILL RS Series has been specifically designed for the filling and stoppering of nested, pre-filled syringes.

It is also suited to handling all other pre-sterilised Ready-To-Use container formats, such as vials and pre-capped cartridges, for medium to small production batch sizes. Allowing for flexible methods of production for injectable pharmaceuticals, it provides the necessary agility and ability to allow faster filling operations with minimal changeover time.

In a nutshell, the STERIFILL RS Series offers the highest possible flexibility in a very compact space, handling different primary packaging types and combining semi-automatic or fully automated processes. 

Sterifill RS, Fill-finish Solution for Ready-To-Use Components

The Lab4life Development Lyo Laboratory corner

The Lab4life Development Lyo Laboratory located at IMA Life North America (NY) manufacturing facility includes a number of highly skilled professionals with extensive experience gained in the field of parenteral product and process development technical support including computational modeling, scale-up, equipment characterization and tech transfer and R&D in emerging technologies, providing assistance to our customers worldwide in bridging the requirements between product, process and equipment.

Refrigeration system for freeze drying

KryoAir is a new technology, 100% green refrigerant, using air as the refrigerant used in freeze dryers. The system is based on a series of compression/cooling/expansion steps of AIR, which can be cooled to a temperature as low as -100° C.


KRYOAIR <br> Refrigeration system for freeze drying

Lynfinity Lab, Laboratory Spray Freezing Module

LYNFINITY LAB features a controlled spray of liquid product into a cryogenically cooled freezing chamber. The resultant frozen particles are stored in a cooled canister to transfer for drying in a traditional lab freeze dryer.

LYNFINITY LAB can be a useful tool for introduction to spray freeze drying, technology evaluation, and process development, with a low barrier to entry.


Lynfinity Lab, Laboratory Spray Freezing Module

Quantum, Smart Miniature Mass Spectrometer

QUANTUM smart miniature mass spectrometer is a non-invasive technique capable of performing quantitative real-time process-relevant measurements. A multipurpose device designed for use in pharma freeze dryers, it detects contaminants and process gases at concentrations down to ppm levels. Not only does this allow for silicone oil detection and for non-aqueous solvent detection, but QUANTUM can also be used as a system leak detection tool and as a process analytical tool for scale-up and development studies.

Quantum, Smart Miniature Mass Spectrometer

IMA SAFE offers complete primary and secondary packaging lines 

to the pharmaceutical and extra-pharma industries.


TRIT-ONE - Robotised Cartoning Island

Everything is changing, including the human body and the ways we take care of it.

For some diseases, certain drugs have become important, not just as a general cure, but as the cure for a particular person.
The next step in our evolution as a species is therefore to fight rare and aggressive diseases by developing high-efficiency drugs based on individual patients’ DNA.

How does this reflect on pharmaceutical packaging needs?

  • Frequent format changeovers
  • Increased accuracy and precision
  • Product traceability
  • Entire packaging process validation

TRIT-ONE - Robotised Cartoning Island

VERTICARE P – Vertical cartoner


IMA Safe VERTICARE P is equipped with innovative devices for a smooth and gentle processing of even highly sensitive products.

The total absence of chains allows the machine to run without lubrication and ensures very low noise levels.

Its new features make it the ideal machine for high value pharmaceutical products which require product care and fast size-changeover.

It is capable of packaging products with different shapes, dimensions and stability, products and accessories special orientations inside the carton, cartons with pre-glued separator.

VERTICARE P – Vertical cartoner

IMA AUTOMATION is the segment of the IMA Group composed of leading companies in the automation and assembly industry, with over 50 years of experience.  

The perfect addition to the already consolidated packaging experience of IMA, allowing a synergy in the sharing of clients and widening our offer of technological solutions. 

Flexible and reliable assembly solutions for medical devices

IMA AUTOMATION plays a major role in the medical devices industry.

With a range of standard platforms, linear and rotary, along with indexing and continuous motion assembly capabilities at our disposal, we are able to optimize the design to suit the individual needs of the assembly process, taking into account production requirements and at the same time optimising the available floor space in your clean room.

Flexible and reliable assembly solutions for medical devices

Assembly line for pens and auto-injectors

IMA AUTOMATION, in synergy with IMA Safe will offer you an exclusive preview of the new turn-key integrated packaging line and smart assembly platform specifically designed for pens and auto-injectors.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get an insight into this latest developments.

Assembly line for pens and auto-injectors

IMA ZERO: Impacting present, affecting future.   

Starting from innovation, IMA ZERO is our very last promise to create products, production processes and services benefitting from a renewed logic of sustainability and from the awareness that our commitment today will help to shape the world of tomorrow. 


On show our NoPlastic solutions in the pharmaceutical field.

IMA NOP (No-Plastic Program) means we promote sustainable, eco-friendly plastic substitutes for the packages manufactured on IMA machines.

On show a dedicated IMA ZERO workstation will be highlighting all the IMA Group development in the sustainable field. A place and moment to discover with customers and partners all practices implemented by the Group to minimizing environmental impact in industrial manufacturing.

In particular at ACHEMA we dedicated the spotlight to the pharma sustainable packaging and applications in terms of recyclable and biodegradable films, sustainable plastic materials, paper tray and paper wrapping solutions which represents IMA’s concrete commitment towards sustainability.


On show our NoPlastic solutions in the pharmaceutical field.

OPENLab: The place to share

OPENLab is the IMA Group’s network of technological laboratories and testing areas, dedicated to the research on sustainable materials, technologies and production optimisation processes.

Through the research and testing of alternative processes and materials, together with our partners, we foster plastic-free and sustainable, compostable or biodegradable packaging solutions. IMA has established the Open Lab where Material Technologists study, develop and test compostable and recyclable materials to be used on our packaging equipment.

On show at ACHEMA, visitors discovered part of our material database and meet our material experts. 

OPENLab: The place to share

IMA DIGITAL is the group’s global project that aims to develop groundbreaking activities and services for the manufacturing world, by responding to disruptive innovation in the sector. The initiative involves all the companies in the IMA Group and launches a series of projects, activities and efforts aimed at optimising internal and external processes. 

On show at ACHEMA 2022 visitors discovered how to generate more effective and efficient internal processes, creating value by using empowered machines and services designed to deliver predictive and personalised customer experiences throughout the value chain.

IMA believes that the way to reach higher standards in machine intelligence is by enabling the actual experience and expertise of the manufacturer to be embedded into their machines

Connected machines

The manufacturing world is breathing life into increasingly connected machines that can produce and collecting large amount of information in order to detect problems early, carry out debugging or preventive maintenance and guide implementation or changeovers.

Discover Digital Products and Services to increase production efficiency:

  • A4GATE, the integrated hardware and software solution to protect data confidentiality, system operations and operator safety.
  • IMA Data Room, the virtual space in-cloud where all information coming from the plants is collected and stored, and where the data analysis software programs reside.
  • IMA Sentinel, the platform for continuous autonomous monitoring of the system’s performance wherever it is needed.
  • IMA Control Room, the set services, to improve production, based on detailed reports, specific alerts and general support 24/7.

IMA Digital Engineering

IMA Digital Project gave life to a series of services and project, specifically designed to support the digital life and coordinate the internal activities of a plant:

  • IMA Artificial Intelligence Anomaly Detection and IMA Preventive Maintenance, able to prevent the occurrence of damage or malfunction through Machine Learning techniques thanks to deep data analysis.
  • IMA Virtual Commissioning, to create digital twin of an equipment to bring out design errors and improvements to be implemented before the effective realization.
  • IMA Lines Virtualization, to simulate discrete events and obtain preventive performance line analysis, definition of plant layout, buffer and speed of the machines, and definition of the number of operators.
  • IMA Virtual Mockup, that allows operators to digitally test ergonomics before a plant is actually built. 

IMA Digital Training

IMA Group has created a wide range of solutions that integrate platforms and tools covering the needs of 360° training. The proposals aim to divide education into phases, designed to anticipate training where it is impossible to involve equipment, and exploit advanced technology where training can be carried out directly on the systems.
IMA Digital Classroom, traditional spaces intended for group training, in which students are guided by expert teachers and supported by latest- generation digital devices; IMA E-Learning, mode in which students train independently when and where they want; IMA Training On The Job, mode in which operators carry out training directly on the machine with the support of advanced digital devices.

IMA Digital Services

  • IMA wants to offer the end user a series of ancillary tools to ensure an ever more integrated and easier production experience, with a view to continuous improvement.
    The IMA Customer Service Portal and IMA Smart Service Suite App are the tools that, combined, allow to obtain all the information and features for a better management of the installed base (digital interactive documentation, operative guidelines, requests opening), together with the e-commerce MYIMA Spare Parts.
    In case of need, the IMA Solutions for Assistance comes to help for a support from an IMA remote expert.