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Post published on 14/07/2021

10 years of Commitment

Partnerships and projects

Being well aware of the important role that packaging can play in the fight against hunger and malnutrition, IMA supports important projects such as the long-term partnership with FAO for the development of the food packaging in sub-Saharan Africa with a view to reducing food losses. Rising attention to environmental sustainability worldwide has led to the development of multiple projects and initiatives within the Group.

In the process and packaging machine industry, actions in favour of sustainability aim to design innovative solutions able to reduce the consumption of resources during production.

With this in mind, to give greater impetus to the topic and direct the production chain towards increasing environmental sustainability, in 2019 IMA launched IMA NoP – No Plastic Program: this is companywide project to bring about a wider and more systematic introduction of eco-sustainable materials throughout the entire supply chain.

The UN’s objectives for sustainable development

In the coming years, IMA intends to strengthen its commitment in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 2030) to fight poverty, guarantee health and well-being, also thanks to food security, and to achieve a type of growth that is respectful of people and the environment worldwide, guaranteeing inclusion and collaboration.



Start of a journey towards a position of Social Responsibility in support of IMA’s competitiveness as a business enterprise.

Celebration of IMA’s 50th anniversary: employees encouraged to get involved in corporate citizenship and Corporate Social Responsibility programmes and initiatives: financial support was given to 3 projects among those submitted by employees for 3 years.


IMA formalized its commitment by joining associations and organizations that work for the disclosure of Corporate Sustainability, such as the Association Impronta Etica and the Save Food Initiative.


Publication of IMA’s first “Sustainability Profile”. Joining the Supply Chain Programme of the Carbon Disclosure Project with a calculation of our carbon footprint: an important milestone in IMA’s disclosure on environmental issues.

“Sustain Ability”: Launch of the new pay-off in which the Group identified itself.

Joining the Climate Change Program: a further step in our reporting of direct and indirect emissions and our commitment to their gradual reduction. IMA was nominated “Best Newcomer 2014” in the CDP Program.

The Code of Ethics was updated. IMA’s first Social Responsibility Report was published according to the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards.



98% of IMA Group personnel hired on a permanent basis

Average age of IMA employees is 30 to 50 (55.9 % at global level)

Work-life balance

Equal opportunities

16.4 average training hours per person in the IMA Group

IMA is awarded as Top employer


Local Community engagement

IMA’s social commitment: Over 2 mn € of donations and contributions


Environmental Sustainability

5,271 tonnes of CO2 avoided through clean energy (Italy)

33.4 % of the waste produced is reused, recycled or destinated for energy recovery

91.3 % of the waste produced is non-hazardous

Disclosure of emissions with CDP (Climate Change and Supply Chain Programs)


Economic Sustainability

1,692 mn € of economic value generated

1,436 mn € of economic value distributed

The IMA Group owns more than 1,700 patents and patent applications in the world

53.9 mn € (3,4 % of revenues) invested in R&D at Group level

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