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Global policy for communities and the development of knowledge

IMA’s social commitment is based on a fundamental concept: the responsibility that an industry has towards society and the world is an expression of the will of top management, as well as an element of identity for all those who work for the enterprise. That is why IMA promotes the involvement of its employees in programs and initiatives of corporate citizenship and Corporate Social Responsibility.

The Group applies the same philosophy at factories located in all geographical areas, promoting educational and awareness-building projects for the personnel of newly acquired companies in order to increase their consciousness and sense of identification.

The territory, understood as the economic and social fabric in which IMA was born and raised, and in which it operates, is a strategic element for the Group’s activities. Between territory and enterprise there is in fact a constant exchange of knowledge, experience and wealth (and not just economic wealth), that makes the relationship both inseparable and interdependent. IMA’s success hinges on the welfare of the community in which it operates. This is why the Group is committed to promoting and supporting programs with a social, educational and cultural purpose, with particular attention to the technical one; IMA aims to develop solid relations with its own subcontracting network made up of small businesses and artisans, to generate economies of scale even in situations of fragmentation.



The companies of the IMA Group contribute to various cultural and social projects both in their own territories and internationally. During 2017, IMA Group companies supported numerous social, cultural and sports activities, making grants and donations for a total of 1,959,862 euros (+4% on 2016). This amount includes the resources allocated to the social responsibility projects, expenses incurred for the benefit of employees (such as for sports groups or other corporate initiatives), as well as the fees that the Group has paid to join representative or industry associations. IMA makes contributions mainly to social and sports projects and education.



The FAO project for the development of food packaging in Sub-Saharan Africa

IMA supported the project for the three years from 2015 to 2017, in order to intervene with the appropriate technologies to reduce food waste. As part of SAVE FOOD, in 2015, the IMA’s Chairman Alberto Vacchi and Laurent Thomas, FAO Assistant Director-General, signed an agreement for the execution of the project “Improving food packaging for small and medium agro-enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa”. According to FAO estimates, in fact, a third of all the food produced in the world is lost. In this situation, packaging can play a strategic role in the fight against hunger and malnutrition. The International Trade Centre (ITC) in Geneva will also participate in this project. ITC is the centre for international trade affiliated to the World Trade Organization and the United Nations Conference. On 13 June 2017 the Project Steering Committee met at FAO’s headquarters in Rome, with IMA taking part as an active member.

Antoniano Onlus: “Progetto Famiglie”

On Christmas 2017, IMA renewed its support for the “Progetto Famiglia” by Antoniano Onlus, which continues to support families in need, facing emergencies but also promoting the process of economic and social emancipation. The target for 2018 is to strengthen the road to autonomy begun in 2017. Thanks to IMA’s contribution, during the coming year, Antoniano Onlus will be able to help 15 families (around 55 people, including 25 children). 15 families will have access to the evening canteen and to the services of the Listening Centre; 11 families will have access to the micro-financing fund for daily needs like bill payment, rent, school supplies for children; 4 parents will carry out an internship with the company for 6 months with the aim of job placement.



IMA supports various scientific research projects and the work of associations that are dedicated to the care and health of people in Italy and in various parts of the world.

Médecins Sans Frontières

“A hospital to give birth safely” During the Christmas holidays, IMA gave its support to the MSF project on maternal and child health in the Castor Hospital in the Central African Republic. The activities implemented by MSF include prenatal obstetric care, childbirth and post-delivery. MSF offers childbirth assistance through basic obstetric care in case of physiological birth and surgical assistance for a caesarean delivery in the case of a complicated birth.



Because of the historical links with the district to which it belongs and the need to face future challenges, IMA has always supported various initiatives that enhance the industrial technical culture of its territory and promote its development.

University degree course in Industrial Product Design

The objective of the course in Industrial Product Design offered by the Department of Architecture at the University of Bologna is to train industrial designers who not only know how to develop design projects, but who are also able to take their ideas for industrialisation, development and production and putting them to practical use in the context of a specific business. The purpose of the curriculum is to teach students not only how to complete a design project from a formal point of view, but also to handle the complexities of the economic, cultural, relational and communication processes that can bear on its implementation.


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