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Chairman's message

In 2015, IMA continued to show that it is an industrial group projected towards sustainable growth, the result of a series of strategic decisions which are proving to be correct.

In 2016, our Group reaffirmed its tendency to grow, also by means of acquisitions, as well as by optimizing production processes, which are becoming increasingly rich in innovation and quality.

In this context, IMA has developed its own approach to integrating newly acquired companies or subsidiaries, enhancing the features and skills already appreciated by the market, with a particular emphasis on technological innovation.

Driven by customer demand and market dynamics, IMA has been able to evolve and adapt in real time to the needs of the sectors in which it operates, based on the needs that its customers require to remain competitive, and knowing how to answer their requests to satisfy “new rights” that modern society has to guarantee: among others, health, better food supply and waste reduction.

IMA’s machines have evolved along with the needs of companies to satisfy consumers. They are produced according to criteria of energy-saving, waste reduction and respect for operators with a view to increasingly user-friendly interfaces and the ability to reduce waste thanks to the flexibility of the systems.

The IMA Group wants to increase its internal network of virtuous relationships so that the various Group companies can offer their customers the best possible products and the expertise that they need; as well as to get investors involved in stories of industrial success, in a context of stability and common courtesy.

IMA has confirmed its commitment to transparency and accountability towards its stakeholders: this Sustainability Report should be read as a summary of the decisions and results of a competitive and responsible company that cares for people and their rights.

In this edition of the Sustainability Report we have again applied the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative, in order to make the commitment and process of reporting a good practice that is recognisable worldwide. We also made reference to the European Directive on Non-Financial Reporting which in the future will oblige large listed companies to publish information on sustainability.

The most important new feature of this year’s Sustainability Report is the fact that we have extended the scope of reporting to international level. For the first time, in fact, the IMA Group’s production companies in France, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, United States, India and China have also been involved: the goal is to reflect IMA’s entire worldwide impact in terms of sustainability and to offer stakeholders a complete picture of the Group.

This is also proof that IMA’s acquisitions have a functional logic to be extended to all members of the Group operating in different geographical areas at a global level, serving markets for various types of product, while complying with the commitments and sense of social responsibility that have permeated the Group’s headquarters for years.

Sustainability is an increasingly topical issue and represents one of the main issues addressed by numerous institutions operating worldwide: just think of the UN, which recently approved its new Sustainable Development Goals, or the United Nations’ 21st Climate Conference in Paris (COP 21), which aims to limit global warming. Sustainability is the way to create modern and sustainable business models, based on social innovation.

This is an issue that is very relevant for IMA, as it puts people at the centre of its attention.

As regards full application of the principles of sustainability, IMA is well aware that it is involved in a process that requires an increasing level of commitment and sensitivity on the part of everyone involved in the production system.

Enjoy reading it.

Alberto Vacchi, Chairman & CEO