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In planning its strategies, the IMA Group takes account of the economic, social and environmental impact of its operations, adhering to the principles of sustainable growth and of Corporate Social Responsibility

Chairman's message

“We chose to grow only on the condition of not losing our character, our commitment to the needs of our customers and various stakeholders to whom we offer innovation, quality, customized products and services, and opportunities for growth, while respecting communities and the environment.”


CSR according to IMA

Economic Sustainability

IMA’s strategy aims to create profit to remunerate its shareholders, but also economic value for all of its stakeholders. This is based on the primary objective of IMA’s business: end-user satisfaction.

Through continuous investment in technology and constant improvement of the quality and reliability of its products and by opening new foreign branches or joint ventures with other industry players, IMA is able to serve its end-users more and more quickly and efficiently, thus achieving a competitive advantage.

Social Sustainability

IMA is committed to promoting a culture of quality to ensure products and services of the highest possible level and end-users’ satisfaction.

IMA also assumes the responsibility of protecting the health and safety of the people working for the Group, in compliance with the regulations and in collaboration with the requests of labour organizations: welfare, professional development and quality of the work environment.

Environmental Sustainability

Even though IMA’s business is non-polluting and has a limited impact on the environment, every effort is made to minimise any direct impact on the environment that may derive from the production cycle: energy management, carbon footprint and proper waste disposal are just some of the programmes that exist to safeguard environmental resources.

Adherence to the Carbon Disclosure Project and working methods that maximize energy savings are just some of the Group’s commitments towards the environment.

IMA CSR Report addresses the need to communicate a responsible path, made of sustainable conduct, practices and products, which the Company initiated several years ago

Governance and Ethics

Underlying IMA’s approach to sustainability there is the concept of transparent governance with which the Group intends to manage the impact of its decisions and activities with a sense of responsibility, gradually introducing CSR to the entire organization and incorporating it into all of its dealings. 

IMA was one of the first Italian companies in the industry to adopt a Code of Ethics.

Emilia-Romagna, The Packaging Valley

Emilia-Romagna’s advanced mechanics and industrial automation cluster has gradually built up a specialist network of suppliers that serve it adequately.

Thanks to knowledge management and the conservation of skills in this broad network of subcontractors, the cluster has the ability to customize automation according to the demands of end-users all over the world

Packaging Valley‘s success is due to this great tradition of mechanical engineering, high technology and extreme flexibility of automatic machine manufacturers, who can count on a wide network of highly specialized suppliers, all involved in a continuous exchange of know-how.

In this context, to remain competitive the priority is the ability to create innovation. This innovation comes above all from research, but also from close cooperation with the end-users, according to a philosophy of co-makership, in order to respond to very diverse needs, including the need to offer the consumer a high degree of safety and machines that are more and more ergonomic and easy to use.

Environment and Safety

IMA defined an internal control and risk management system, considered as a set of rules, procedures and organisational structures designed to ensure that the business is run in a fair and healthy manner that is consistent with its stated objectives, through a suitable process of identification, measurement, management and monitoring of the principal risks in order to minimise them in terms of staff safety.

The Board of Directors has laid down the main guidelines for the internal control and risk management system. In addition, IMA introduced a set of management systems certified by an independent third party, designed to create value in a sustainable way, shared with all stakeholders, above all human resources.

The standard adopted (OHSAS 18001) is the most accredited standard in the world.

IMA also follows the same management approach to minimise the environmental impact of its production cycle.

IMA CSR Reports

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