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Confectionery Products Portfolio

Here you can have an overview of all machines offered by IMA for the confectionery market, from processing up to the end of line packaging.

Go and select the product you wish to pack and the packaging style, and have a look at all our solutions at each level of the packaging line.

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Blister packaging machine. C80R and C80-A81 are the leaders for the production of medium size batches. The high efficiency of C80-A81, thanks to the integrated connection to the cartoner, and the flexibility of C80R Stand Alone, are the key features demanded by the market.
The blister machine, just the way you want
timer Up to 400-600 blisters/min and 250 cartons/min
Blister packaging machine. The best price-performance ratio machine in its range, the C40 Series is the answer for those customers who demand high production efficiency for small/medium batches with frequent changeovers.
Dressed for success
timer Up to 350 blisters/min and 160 cartons/min
Blister packaging machine. TR200 is a double-row blister packaging machine, able to reach 350 blisters/minute, based on established technology which grants an excellent production reliability together with quick and easy changeover and operator-friendly.
A landmark in blister packaging
timer Up to 350 blisters/min
Blister packaging machine. The blister machine SUPER, produced by IMA PG, is targeted for that customers who need medium batches productions demanding at the same time an easy usability.
All you need, in a reasonable investment
timer Up to 225 blisters/min
Blister packaging machine. The new blister machine EXCEL SMART, produced by IMA PG, is targeted for small-medium companies which need to place on the market a good products with a reasonable investment.
EXCEL SMART: easy and effective
timer Up to 180 blisters/min
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