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IMA Active. A world in a candy.

IMA Active knows all there is to know about mixing, granulation, tableting, filling and coating.
Today, we make that knowledge available to the confectionery industry with a world of tailored solutions.
Together we can optimise your processes and innovate your products.

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An extensive range of technologies for all aspects of confectionery processing and packaging.

Wet granulation: agglomerate fine particles into larger granules to improve powder solubility, machinability at a latter compression stage, or product palatability. Either fluid bed processors or high shear mixer granulators can be used, depending on the desired result.

Compression is made easy with our Prexima tablet press designed for low-temperature tableting. Prexima provides excellent accessibility for inspection and cleaning and is equipped with the XIMA HMI to improve operator efficiency.

Powder layering as well as sugar and film coating of cores in all shapes and sizes: from beads to tablets, almonds or chocolate. IMA Active range includes both fluid bed processors or pan coaters, both with solid wall and perforated pan.

Your partner for excellence, IMA Active not only provides a vast selection of integrated equipment but also offers testing capabilities to help you develop confectionery products, optimising them as well as the processing solutions.

In collaboration with GIMA Confectionery, the support for innovation goes beyond the process, to encompass cutting-edge packaging solutions as well.

Focus on GS
The coating pan that made history.

GS Coating Equipment is the ideal solution for all manufacturing needs: powder layering, film and sugar coating. Patented exhausting or blowing paddles convey the drying air through the cores bed. This makes for the reduction of process times and thus the air volume needed.

IMA Active. A world to explore.

Your partner for excellence, IMA Active provides a vast selection of integrated equipment and a host of tailored solutions for the confectionery industry.


Range of products and services for confectionery

Live webinar • January 22, 2020 – 11:00 am

How IMA Active extensive range of technologies and services can optimize and innovate all confectionery processes.

Lab diary. A sweet challenge at IMA LAB today!

Some time ago, we carried out a first round trial for a customer interested in compressing a sugar-free based blend to manufacture sweeteners for diabetics.