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Capsule filling and sealing

Designed for low to medium production volumes, the 590 rotary machine is a reliable, cost effective solution, which ensures high dosing accuracy and has a compact footprint enabling remarkable space saving.

Designed for low to medium production volumes, the 590 rotary machine is a reliable, cost effective solution, which ensures high dosing accuracy and has a compact footprint enabling remarkable space saving.

Get a taste for quality. Whichever way you take it, 590 tastes good

The 590 single serve capsule filling and sealing machine handles both injected and thermoformed capsules of different sizes, with easy changeover procedures and upgrade possibilities.

Precision dosing is performed by a set of servo-controlled augers combined with innovative gating systems.

Thanks to extremely gentle product handling, the 590 is suited to a wide range of products to be filled (coffee with different densities, tea and soluble powders) as well as different types of material such as roll-stock and pre-cut lid.




The use of ultrasonic technology for packaging material sealing guarantees energy saving if compared to traditional heat-sealing systems.
The machine motorization is handled with the aim to avoid power waste. Kinetic energy generated during braking is shared and absorbed by other modules.
The 590 can handle compostable and recyclable materials (capsule, filter, lid).
IMA Coffee Packaging
settings_applications Production Plant
IMA Coffee Packaging

590 Highlights

Two possible capsule configurations: espresso and drip coffee.
Can be speed upgraded on site from 2 to 4 lanes and can fit different capsule styles for maximum flexibility.
Easy product changeover, even between coffee and soluble powders.
Can also handle self-protected capsules in a modified atmosphere (nitrogen).
The 590 can be fitted with an aroma doser which dispenses drops of liquid flavours on top of the coffee inside the capsule, avoiding the risk of cross-contamination while producing flavoured product.

Lab Version

Possible configurations:

  • Can be configured for espresso capsules, both stackable and bulk, processed in a modified atmosphere, inserting plastic or paper filters and sealing different materials as top lid.
  • Can be configured to pack drip coffee capsules with plastic inserts as well as a deep drawn pleated paper filter from roll-stock.
590 Thumbnail
  • Technical Data
  • Machine Layout
Model 590

Production speed 2 lanes

Production speed 4 lanes

100 capsules/min.

200 capsules/min.

Installed power

Average power consumption

14 kW

4 kW

Machine weight 300 Kg
Nitrogen consumption 30 m³/h
Expected compressed air consumption 1,000 nl/min.
Compressed air pressure 6 bar

Filter paper real

Lid material real

Max. outer diameter 300 mm

Inner diameter 76 mm


590 Layout 590 Layout

590 Gallery

Capsule vertical magazin
Plater filter unit
Dosing unit
Capsule check-weigher
Nitrogen unit
Coffe compacting and rim cleaning unit
Plate bottom cotrast
Lid cutting and sealing unit