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Post published on 24/05/2022 and IMA together for organic roasting and IMA confirm their partnership to increase the value of the coffee supply chain., the microroastery, thanks also to the technology of IMA Coffee Petroncini Specialty Roasters, is now certified for organic coffee roasting.


A few months after the inauguration of the new spaces, renovated to offer the partner and consumer a true 360​​° experience around coffee, from the knowledge of the Finca Rio Colorado plantation in Honduras to the tasting of specialty coffees in espresso and filter, passing through the live observation of the roasting process, the microroastery is now guaranteed for the roasting of organic coffee., in fact, is also the production site of all specialty coffees selected and guaranteed by, now certified “organic”, thanks to the dedicated production line, which integrates the technology of the IMA Coffee Petroncini Specialty Roaster that guarantees very high quality, technological and safety standards, as well as a total replicability of the roasting curves and pre-set parameters. That is fundamental for the respect of a rigorous disciplinary: from the storage of the raw material, passing through the roasting phase, and to the subsequent packaging of coffee bags that can be destined both to the shop for direct sale or consumption or be produces on behalf of third parties.

«In the company, but even more when it comes to the organic production cycle – says Samuele Bonacchi, the company’s master roaster – there are no semi-finished products, and everything is manufactured on request, thus demanding even greater attention to our work. This helped us to make our way of working even more efficient and further raise the quality bar of the finished product».

«We have always supported quality roasting and technology as a means not only for processing, but also for enhancing coffee», said Nicola Panzani, CEO of IMA Coffee Petroncini. «For us it is a source of pride to have been a partner of to obtain this important certification – which confirms the quality of the manufacturing and process of our smallest roasters – as well as technically supporting and b. farm from now on in the mission of proposing itself as a center, one of a kind, to promote culture and specific skills on quality coffee».

In addition to production and consumption, is also home to in-depth and advanced courses on the entire coffee supply chain, available to operators and companies, because continuous training and the sharing of knowledge are fundamental elements of the “coffee idea” that moves and which is also embraced and supported by IMA, with the effect of having led to the creation of this place where you can go to know, roast, extract and taste coffee.

From today also organic.



THE COMPANIES is an innovative coffee company, where the product is followed, checked and certified along the entire supply chain, from cultivation to the cup. Part of the coffee is produced directly in Honduras, where is member of the Finca Rio Colorado plantation. Starting from an increasingly in-depth knowledge of green coffee and a constant increase in final quality, implements a new business model in the coffee sector, also offering consultancy, training and product culture to anyone who has an idea to develop or consolidate in this sector. All this, also with an eye to social and environmental responsibility.


With more than 100 years in the industry, IMA Coffee Petroncini supplies complete coffee roasting plants for any capacity needs, starting from the green coffee handling and processing, up to roasters for all capacity requirements and next-generation degassing systems. The range of roasters includes traditional roasters, handling batches from 5 to 400 kg, as well as modular solutions with external heat generation unit and roasting air recovery, for production up to 720 kg per cycle. From small to large, standard to custom, throughout coffee handling and processing, IMA Coffee Petroncini ensures expert consultancy, all-round plant engineering services and targeted solutions in line with Industry 4.0 to increase production efficiency and improve sustainability.