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Tea, Coffee & Beverage Products Portfolio

Thank to the widest possible range of packaging solutions, IMA is able to supply turnkey solutions according to your specific requirements.

Go and select the product you wish to pack and the packaging style, and have a look at our solutions at each level of the packaging line.

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MD20 Plus
MD20 Plus
Ultimate packaging flexibility is the hallmark of the MD20 PLUS, a versatile solution for knotted bags for tea and herbs, naked or in heatsealed or crimped outer envelopes, which also handles both pre-erected cartons and cartons from flat blanks.
Maximum flexibility
A simple, versatile solution producing knotted teabags for tea and herbs, the MD20 processes up to 200 bags/min and is available for both naked bags and heatsealed outer envelopes. It can be equipped with a cartoning attachment for pre-glued cartons.
Simple and versatile
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