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Tea, Coffee & Beverage Products Portfolio

Thank to the widest possible range of packaging solutions, IMA is able to supply turnkey solutions according to your specific requirements.

Go and select the product you wish to pack and the packaging style, and have a look at our solutions at each level of the packaging line.

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Green Coffee Systems (2) play_arrow
Petroncini Green coffee systems
Petroncini Green coffee systems
We develop a full range of equipments for green coffee handling, sorting and cleaning and custom systems for green coffee weighing and storaging.
Get a pure green coffee and efficient plant
Petroncini Green Coffee Intake Systems
Petroncini Green Coffee Intake Systems
A wide range of automated solutions for receiving coffee from single bag up to bulk container, in order to reduce labor and increase the efficiency and security in all the phases of green coffee intake
Smart solutions for every types of intake
Roasted Coffee Systems (1) play_arrow
Petroncini Roasted coffee systems
Petroncini Roasted coffee systems
Efficient and safe handling and storage systems are very important to protect and preserve the highest integrity of roasted coffee. We provide custom solutions specifically designed for small and large productions.
Preserving the integrity of the roasted coffee bean and its aroma
Ground Coffee Systems (1) play_arrow
Petroncini Ground coffee systems
Petroncini Ground coffee systems
Product’s preservation is very important to maintain the aroma and its natural characteristics, especially for ground coffee. We develop different storage degassing systems, particularly suitable for the production of capsules, single-dose packs and vacuum pac
The best aroma for your coffee
Processing (4) play_arrow
Petroncini TTG 60
Petroncini TTG 60
Designed to respond to small scale industrial roasters, the TTG 60 is meant for those who don’t want to give up the pleasure of manually roasting their own coffee. Easy to use, reliable and cost-effective, it offers fully personalisation of the roasting profiles.
Petroncini R&D Lab Roasters
Petroncini R&D Lab Roasters
TMR 25 is the exactly scale down of Industrial TMR models. It has been created for R&D purposes and lab activities.
LAB roaster with unlimited performances
Petroncini TMR Roasters
Petroncini TMR Roasters
Modular roasters feature an external heat generation unit which allows for superior productivity and layout flexibility. This model can roast up to 720 kg per cycle and include an innovative energy-saving system.
Flexibility – Reliability - Consistency
Petroncini TT Roasters
Petroncini TT Roasters
From 5 up to 400 kg per batch, TT Roasters have a compact and reliable design. The air convection technologies allows a perfect coffee roasting control, optimizing the thermal efficiency and the flavor development.
Roasting Convection Technology
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