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Tecmar 3C Series
Vertical baggers

The 3C Series vertical baggers produce high quality pouches providing reliability with the best cost-benefit ratio.

The 3C Series vertical baggers produce high quality pouches providing reliability with the best cost-benefit ratio.

3C Series

The 3SS bagger models guarantees a high performance output in the packaging of ground coffee and beans.
The design of the machines is based on an Open Frame architecture that provides easy cleaning and accessibility for maintenance and operational adjustments. The machines are controlled by a PLC and equipped with a user friendly HMI, a motorized film unwinding unit, a pneumatic film tension controller and a motorized film alignment system. The baggers, intermittent or continuous motion, including degassing valve applicator and N2 flushing system, are capable of producing and filling 3 side seal bags from 50 cc up to 5000 cc.

  • 3C-130/OF intermittent or continuous motion – up to 150 p/min
  • 3C-200/OF intermittent motion – up to 60 p/min
  • 3C-360 intermittent motion – up to 15 p/min
  • 3C-80 Dual intermittent motion – up to 70 p/min
  • 3C-130 Twin intermittent motion – up to 80 p/min
  • PRYSMA intermittent motion – up to 50 p/min
IMA Coffee Packaging
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IMA Coffee Tecmar

3C Series Highlights

Servo driven mechanisms
Design to perform bags with laminated and/or PE packaging materials
Capable to dose two or more products simultaneously
Configurable for gusseted bags, flat bottom, flat top and stabile bags
Integrated systems with automatic collator, cartoning and end of lines
In line weight control, coding systems, conveyors, products infeed chargers, inert gas flush and other optional features
Vaccum film pulling system
Automatic reel splicer
  • Technical Data
  • Machine Layout
  Width Length Numb. Of lines Reel Speed Strokes/min
3C-130/OF 65-235 mm 100-410 mm 1 505 mm 100
3C-200/OF 135-360 mm 200-500 mm 1 750 mm 60
3C-360 250-500 mm 500-800 mm 1 1200 mm 10
3C-80 DUAL 65-125 mm 100-225 mm 2 540 mm 70
3C-130 TWIN 65-235 mm 100-410 mm 2 (2x) 505 mm 100
PRYSMA (flat top) 65-220 mm 100-250 mm 1 505 50
3C-130 C 65-205 mm 100-350 mm 1 445 150
3C Series Layout

3C Series Gallery