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Coffee Maestro' Stories

Welcome to Coffee Maestro’ Stories, an opportunity to celebrate the passion of coffee and the Petroncini brand.
Petroncini is glad to celebrate its anniversary in the world of coffee: 100 years dedicated to answer countless requests from global customers, sharing the best solutions designed for all types of needs, from small laboratory applications to major industrial plants.

R&D Center

We highly believe in research, as it is an important tool of development. Without research, we wouldn’t be able to put cutting-edge innovation in every system we design. The research and the century-old experience in the coffee processing come together with every new project, starting from the analysis of customer needs. Every new project is an opportunity for us to reach a new and important achievement. We work to enhance your productivity and meet your needs, thus we increase also our skills day by day. This is why we consider our customer as a partner. 

We invite you to test our products, our competent engineers and our problem-solving skills. 

Petroncini Impianti is renowned worldwide as the Coffee Technical Competence Centre. It’s a facility with an in-house test lab, equipped with tools and pilot plants to be used in R&D activities, demos and product analysis. In our centre, customers can analyze and improve the quality of their product and its performance. It is also possible to carry on specific tests to evaluate a product before bringing it to the market. 

In our Coffee Technical Competence Centre you might: 
carry out demonstration on roasting for different kinds of coffee; 
carry on tests on grinding, and decide which granulometry suits your need; simulate freight movement of green coffee, roasted or grinded coffee. 
In our lab, you might also carry out quality, physical and sensorial product tests. 

You can call our Customer Service to ask for a day in our R&D center.

R&D Gallery

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