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Soft and hard pods

Both soft and hard coffee pods are processed at different speeds in equipment designed to ensure precision, but also significant flexibility enabling customers to respond rapidly to diverse market requirements.

Single Serve Capsules Filling and Capsule Preparation

Our machines can package every kind of capsule present on the market both in protected atmosphere and non. Primary packaging of the capsule ensures maximum hygiene and prevents the aggression of external agents, such as moisture, heat and air.

Single Serve Capsules Cartoning

Secondary packaging ensures product protection and product integrity when it leaves the production site to reach the final consumers. Different secondary packaging methods are usually utilized according to the original capsule nature.

Flexible Packaging

Coffee is extremely sensitive to exposure to air, light and environmental odours. The fragrance and flavour of coffee is its core value and Tecmar’s packaging solutions protect the quality and extend the shelf life of this product.

End of line Packaging

A host of solutions are available from our BFB Division specialized in end-of-line packaging. Generally speaking, the variety of equipment has been developed to provide considerable versatility for ever changing customer needs and ergonomic design to enable good access for all types of cleaning oper