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IMA Fillshape

Solutions for any Flexible Packaging Requirements

Focusing on production efficiency, repeatability and ensuring precise filling, sealing and capping operations, each solution is designed to provide maximum flexibility, fast size changeovers and a huge variety of pouch shapes and dimensions. Machine design based on a modular concept also enables opportunities for process flexibility and makes each solution adaptable to specific needs.

Continuous rotary motion combined with exclusive technologies for improved pouch handling developed by our engineers enable superb productivity while providing accurate results and a choice of processing methods to satisfy all customers. The resulting package enhances the value of the product itself and product preservation can be determined according to the filling technique used (cold, hot, ultra clean and aseptic).

A convenient solution for fruit juices, baby foods and many other food and beverage products, the complete range of pouch filling and sealing equipment is versatile and highly reliable. Our team of industry experts are ready to assess your needs and define the best solution.