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Robotized solutions

Customized solutions complete with our robot solutions and the integration of additional manipulators made by standard robotics, providing tailor-made productive cell design.

  • Integrated robotized cells
  • Customized and robotized handling systems (units or productive cells) integrating standard robot available on the market and duly customized to perform the requested operations.

Customized solutions for pharma & medical devices

We design and build engineered turnkey assembly solutions for the medical device industry, covering an extensive range of solutions to aid brings your device to market: inhalers, syringes and catheters, pen systems, diagnostic devices, infusion products and ophthalmic products.

Our experienced team is at your service to design, build and manage turnkey tailor-made solutions to suit the needs of your project. Our responsibilities can include both drug handling and medical device assembly thereby offering a truly unique turnkey solution.


In-line demolding & assembly

We offer highly technological platforms and innovative technical solutions both for in-line assembly of several components and for the handling of individual products that require additional operations, as: folding, welding, inspection, printing, packing. We also offer customized production cells that integrate both assembly and inspection and packaging operations.

Robot demolding

Our skill in the use of lightweight and composite materials enables us to offer side-entry robots with state-of-the-art speed and precision performance in the picking up of components, even with high-cavitation molds.

The strong synergy with primary I.M.M. and Mold Makers and our skill in developing control software enables us to develop robots perfectly integrated into the process and to achieve top-class performances.


We integrate a wide variety of technologies in our assembly systems thanks to partnerships with the primary manufacturers of control and process instruments. Furthermore, we are able to develop ad hoc solutions by optimizing and customizing the add-on technologies integrated in our systems.

Main add-on technologies

  • Feeding Systems
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Inspections systems
  • Leak and flow testing
  • Inkjet printing
  • Buffering
  • Orienting
  • Micro Dispensing
  • Siliconisations
  • Tip forming
  • Tube Coiling